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The above position is from the game Wood-Seirawan, Seattle 1994 and is taken form the book, "Winning Chess Strategies" by Seirawan and Silman.

Checking our imbalances first we notice that white has a "bad" bishop as his central pawns are on the same color as his dark-squared bishop. This demonstrates that we have a knight versus bishop battle where the knignt is better. Blacks plan in this position was to use his space on the queenside and played a minority attack in order to create a target in the enemy camp by playing 1...b5! He later succeded in continuing with the plan of ...Rb8, ...b5-b4 and ...bxc3 creating a pawn weakness on c3 and a2. Black eventually surrounded these targets which lead to victory.

Remember weak enemy pawns wont magically appear; you must strive to create them! --GM Seirawan.