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"Who am I, or, better yet, who are you?"

Idealism. It never got anybody anywhere. And yet, Carlo Baines was so set practically to the point of obsession that things existed that were, in essence, perfect. Unfortunately, it was because of this belief that he died a broken man.

I never entirely understood his perspective on love... Perhaps because I have had different experiences with it. Maybe someday, I too will encounter a muse worthy of art like that composed by Carlo Baines... perhaps, someday, I will find my own heart again, and perhaps re-develop the ability to love. However, I would never have considered this without Carlo Baines. I guess, in a way, I was touched by him. Or maybe what touched him touched me too.

This website contains Carlo's complete works. Though they are sparse, their quality is high, and it is truly tragic that he's been taken from the literary world so soon. All I can do is maintain this website as Carlo Baines left it, so that it can help us all on our own searches, whether they be for love or otherwise. He would've wanted it that way.

Carlton O'Dell

First and foremost, this particular website does not and never will contain images, as they detract from the text, which, in essence, is the purpose of this website. If you are the type of person who is driven by sensory arousal, leave now. You are in the wrong place. However, if you are an individual of depth and are looking for something to move you, inspire you, or perhaps to make you think a little bit, you are in the correct place.

My name is Carlo Baines. I am like you. I am not special, and I am certainly not important in the great scheme of things. But then again, are any of us? I like to think that I was blessed by the good Lord with two gifts: sight, and the ability to convey what I see in words. I believe that the society in which we live is ruled by three things: Ignorance, Complacence, and Surfacism. I see this. I can convey it to people who do not see it, and make them comprehend.

On this website are my opinions, of which I have many. I hope that you take into account what I have to say, and I hope that it reaches you. Life is too short to be blind forever.


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