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paracon here  The other time was at six years old. Her sisters and brothers were roller skating around the house, up and down the long halls. Skyla came over to a carpet covered post in the living area, sat down, and put on her big sister Noelle's roller skates. I didn't say anything. What could I say? I watched from a distance, as she then laboriously, and carefully, hoisted herself to a standing position on that post, with the skates still on her little feet. She spent some time there, experimenting, then her arms gave out, and she sat down. My heart was hurting for my little girl, but I didn't want to entertain a feeling of self pity in her. I believed that could only hurt her ability to be joyful. And she was such a joyful child. So I gave her a hug, and told her I was sorry it didn't work. She smiled, and went on to do something else.

paracon here   I had explained openly to her, about Spina Bifida, and what it meant. That her paralysis was caused by the nerves in her back not connecting right before she was born. That it meant when her brain told her legs and feet to do things, the message could not get to them. The message went down her spine to the injured place, and no farther. It was like a dead end street. She never had a problem understanding it.

paracon here  Skyla prayed with me, and became a Christian as a little girl, and from then on, she had Jesus in her life, to help and encourage her. She has had to endure some very serious surgeries, especially in adulthood. Her faith in Christ has helped her get through these hard times. God loves this daughter of mine, with a depth of love that goes beyond any love we humans can comprehend. What a gift!

paracon here  Skyla took a very active interest, later, as I adopted them, in her sisters and brothers who were helpless. She felt so very normal compared to them, and she was. She would swing up onto the top edge of a hospital crib's bars, and balance herself there, holding onto the crib-end too, to say good-morning, and good-night to the little ones! My little girl was absolutely fearless! She jumped on the fourteen foot trampoline that I had had installed in the ground, so no one could ever fall off. She was active in every possible way. She used to love to be dressed up and made up by her big sister Noelle, and she would pretend to be a singing star, and Noelle would take her pictures!

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