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   Now my beloved daughter Noelle has beautiful pages. I'm working on several children's stories at once, so it will take me a while.

   She was a darling baby, a loving and helpful child, a warm hearted and honest person. Noelle was a delightful daughter. While growing up, she developed gifts for photography, played the piano, and was a very good singer. She had good leadership qualities, and was extremely responsible and trustworthy.

   She used to spend hours with me, going through books of children up for adoption, and point out the ones she wished we could adopt. She was very excited with every new sibling's arrival, and interested in each one. She was always a good big sister, and very proud to be the only one in school with such a big family. Her friends loved visiting. You should have seen all these little girls having wheelchair races around our huge house! All the giggling! I think that was their favorite activity at Noelle's slumber parties.

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