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   My precious youngest son Michael's story is just begun. But now his pages are up, with his pictures! Look at those warm eyes, and that enchanting smile! Below, is a picture from Halloween when he was two.

   Michael was a darling child to raise. He was bright, and keenly interested in people, but not toys. He was curious, and a loving son and brother. Being the youngest, he was exposed to many toddler story books long before he was ready to understand them. But while I read to his barely-older siblings, he would hover around, come and go, look at the pictures. If I was reading on my king size waterbed, bought just to fit as many children as possible, I'd have two on each side of me, and Michael would be rolling around the foot of the bed, at barely a year old, listening. He would roll out, toddle away, then be right back, climbing up quietly, and rolling around again, listening to my animated stories.

Photographs and text (C) 2004 - 2005 Rosemary J. Gwaltney

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