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                     Oct. 3, 2003 -    Brucefan creates another adventure.
                     This time, in addition to his pal Lorrie, he takes
                     three of his four children and his son's buddy.  Off 
                     they go to New York City to Shea Stadium to see Bruce 
                     and the E Street Band live.  The night was brisk, 
                     (and that is putting it mildly), and fun!  Now this
                     is only part 1 of Brucefan's adventure.  You see
                     after this show and getting everyone back home, he
                     drove right back to New York City for Saturday night's
                     show as well.  That being the last show of "The Rising"
                     Tour, Brucefan wanted to be there.

Greg Goldsmith

Paul Goldsmith
BF's Eldest Son

Jack Goldsmith
BF's Youngest Son

Mindy Goldsmith
BF's Daughter

Paul's Friend

Lorraine Carrington


Created September 16, 2002
Updated Weekly
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