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"Brucefan's Children See Bruce"

Brucefan's Ticket

Mindy's Ticket

Jack's Ticket

Brucefan's Rochester
Wrist Band For The Pit

                                      ~SPECIAL NIGHT~

              Brucefan, a Correctional Officer, after working the night shift to 
              7:00 a.m. on 03/10/03, came home, showered and changed, loaded his 
              two children, ages 6 and 11, in his mini-van and drove 155 miles out 
              of his way, to pick up a friend, made it to Rochester, New York, in 
              time for the first check-in required at 4:00 p.m.

              His floor tickets were good for the "pit" (closest area to the stage) 
              ONLY if he and his entourage made all the check-ins required on time, 
              AND ONLY if they were among the first 300 to check in.

              These check-ins, in addition to the above, continued to be: 6:00 p.m. 
              that same night, 7:30 a.m. 03/11/03, 10:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, 2:00 p.m. 
              and the final check-in was 4:00 p.m. at which time all remained until 
              show time at 7:30 p.m.

              The weather was bitter cold with a strong wind off Lake Ontario.  
              Bruce's "people" let the "pit" friends/fans wait inside the building 
              due to extreme weather conditions. Brucefan's friend was in a wheel-
              chair, which he had to load and unload for all these check-ins, plus 
              manage his two children.  Is he a dedicated fan or what!?!?!

              Brucefan met some nice fans of "the boss" and worked very hard to 
              arrange for his children and friend to be in the pit right to the 
              stage.  What a wonderful night to remember!

              Jack sat on his father's shoulders the entire show time and truely 
              had the "best" seat in the house.  Bruce, as he was singing Lonesome 
              Day skipped down and interacted with Jack with the "pointy-finger-
              with-the-beat" fun! Was Jack shy?  No way, he sat on his father's 
              shoulders and did the pointy-finger-fun right back with Bruce. Poor 
              daddy Brucefan, could not see what was going on as he was holding 
              tight to his son so he wouldnt fall off.

              Mindy, not to be left out, was thoroughly excited to have briefly 
              touched "the Boss's" leg.  

              Both children came away from the show with treasures. While singing 
              his last song of the evening, Bruce came back to Jack and handed Jack 
              his guitar pick.  Big smiles were everywhere.  Mindy was given the set 
              list by Bruce's security staff, about 3 songs before the show ended.
              Both the pick and the set list are shown below.  This was a night to 
              remember for these young lives and for Brucefan's friend as well.
              This lady, a long time fan of Bruce and the E Street Band, was seeing 
              them for the first time.  A dream come true for a woman who had just 
              fought a battle with  cancer.  And Brucefan made it all possible!
                                                                 -article by Lorrie
Handed to Jack
by Bruce

     Rochester, NY 3/11/03
     12,426 fans rocked to:
     No Surrender
     The Rising
     Lonesome Day
     My Love Will Not Let You Down
     Empty Sky
     You're Missing
     Waiting On A Sunny Day
     Blinded By The Light
     Worlds Apart
     She's The One
     Mary's Place
     Nothing Man
     Into The Fire
     Bobby Jean
     Born To Run
     My City Of Ruins
     Land Of Hope & Dreams
     Dancing In The Dark 

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