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                          Ahhh...who is Brucefan?  I get to write 
                          this bit.  Greg is his name and he was 
                          born 1957 in the northern part of New York.

                          You can't know him and not like him.  He 
                          is one of those people you just intinctively 
                          like and admire.  He is a single father with 
                          4 children.  The two oldest boys are in 
                          their 20s and the two youngest children you
                          have met on the Rochester Page.  

                          He works nights as a Correctional Officer 
                          and by day he is daddy running the kids to 
                          school, sports, shopping and a million other
                          things that kids require.  Off they go to
                          grandma's house or their aunt's house for the
                          nite so Dad can catch a few hours of sleep
                          before his shift at the correctional facility. 

                          When he gets time to himself, and note the
                          word "when", he is on his computer, checking
                          out where Bruce might be appearing near by
                          or Soozie Tyrell, who he has become a fan
                          of as well.

                          There are two words that govern Greg's life:
                          Respect and Balance:
                          No matter who you are, young, old, rich, poor,
                          white collar, blue collar, you will get 
                          respect and he expects respect in turn.  
                          He, like so many of us, has his moody days,
                          but he knows what goes up, must come down and
                          lives with the knowledge that balance is a very
                          integrel part of life.  We cannot be happy all
                          the time nor can we be sad all the time.  
                          Therefore in life, we must find balance...that
                          straight line that keeps us on an even keel.

                          Greg has a jukebox in his home loaded with
                          Bruce "45s" not to mention other memorabilia. 
                          In his driveway is a 1985 Camaro which he is
                          restoring, much like the one in the photo below.    

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