Sea of Backstreet Fiction

This site is a collection of Backstreet Boys fanfiction, brought to you by Crystal Dolphin (Rachel) and Sapphire Sea Horse (Alexandria, aka Alex). On this site you will find both of our works, and the works of some of our friends. Enjoy! This site is always being updated.

The Cove
Crystal Dolphins Stories

The Coral Reef
Sapphire Sea Horses Stories

The Whirlpool
Stories written by both of us and with our friends

The Open Ocean
Hosted Stories and stories by our friends

Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Our lives are like soap operas. This link will NEVER get boring.

The Isle
Come ashore on The Isle and talk with others in the Sea of Backstreet Fiction's chatroom

All the miscellaneous things that wash up on the Backstreet Fiction shores, including our bios, a picture gallery and other fun things

The Tides
Ride the tides out of the Sea of Backstreet Fiction. These are links to all the site we love and you send us

Message In A Bottle
Send a greeting card

The Sands
Our Guestbook, sign it so that we know that our pathetic site is being visited.

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