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*~ In Eternal Love & Memory ~*

"...Someday we'll find it...
~ The rainbow connection ~
The lovers...
The dreamers...
And me."

~ Bryan-ian Fitzgerald King ~

From March 17th to March 21st, 1981, you lived the only life
you were meant to live...
That of Teacher, to one such as me who needed to learn.
You prepared a much better mother for your only brother who was
to follow...
Your younger brother Ryan.

For only those who have loved & lost, can truly know Love.

You had no eyes to see, but your soul saw all.

Blessed are you among children, my precious little sweet little
Angel Unaware...

Forever, to the Moon & Back...




Please feel encouraged to write.
We need all the good thoughts and feelings possible.

And thank you.


March 10, 2002