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Tectonic Strain and the Earth Light Theory:
Gravitational Anomalies

by Christopher Montgomery

It has been said, that only 10% of the UFO's reported world-wide are in fact unidentified objects in flight. (UFOs=Unidentified Flying Object). This may in fact be true. One of the phenomenon, which is commonly mis-identified as UFOs, are what is otherwise known as "earth-lights" or "kugleblitz." These account for a large percentage of mis-identified UFOs. In my continuing quest to truly understand the UFO phenomenon as a whole, I chose to embrace all of the data, whether IFO or UFO. This research helps us better understand the phenomenon from a scientific perspective, narrow down our object of study and persue that which represents the truly "unknown" element of the conveyances utilized by the so-called "alien life forms" (ALFs).


Aime Michel was a UFO researcher, who popularized the straight line theory, known as ORTHOTENY. He theorized that UFOs utilized predetermined pathways, sort of like a UFO super-highway. Two pathways of special mention are: Michel's work was scrutinized by several researchers, including the Condon Committee, (Aultschuler) and found to be a bit skewed in the presentation of data. I believe that this was because he was not taking into account the forces of tectonic activity, which have a tendency to meander like an underground river.

Ergon Bach, the author of UFOs FROM THE VOLCANOES did an intensive study of what he called "gorgons," which I believe to be glorified earth-light, or plasma energy vortices. His work is worthy of mention, but I believe incomplete, partly because he was confusing reports of plasma energy with UFOs, (and vica-versa), which display very asimilar characteristics.

What makes the earth-light theory most intriguing, is the fact that within those particular areas where high tectonic strain is well documented and most evident, the number of genuine unidentified objects shows a marked increase, along with an increase in IFOs or Identified objects, known as kugleblitz.

John Keel, author of OPERATION TROJAN HORSE has determined that UFO activity increases at areas of high tectonic activity, specifically mountainous regios around the earth, which Keel called "window areas" and described as areas of gravity anomaly. According to his published research, this window area is centered on mountainous regions, and extends out for a number of miles, in a radial pattern. This pattern can be determined to be consistent with UFO reported data, in fact the truely unidentified flying objects.


It was this assertion, which led me on my quest to determine the factual nature of Keel's claim. I thereupon began to research the gravitational properties of mountains, specifically mountain chains and their repsective tectonic activity (oncongenesis) mountain building activity, or non-activity (epeirogeny). I discovered that there was a basis for his claims. For the record, I will state that UFO activity favors the convex lines of mountain chains, specifically to the inward side of the convex curve, to wit: negative gravity readings "are shifted to the outside of the foreland, that is, to the convex of mountain or island arcs," which I would speculate should indicate those areas of high gravitational flux beyond the negative gravity anomaly zones. -Quote taken from Wunderlich

Gravity research, especially how it relates to mountainous regions, was in its infancy and remains so to this day. I am probably one of the few that has studied the UFO/TST/GRAVITY paradigm to this extent Let us not forget Long and Persinger, nor the other pioneers who have done so much work in this area of study, especially those who have documented UFO and paranormal activity increases within those areas of high TS (tectonic strain) as Long did. But Keel and I remain the only two that have pioneered the UFO/gravity anomaly phenomenon.

I will take it one step further, to extrapolate on this theme. Mass warps gravity, and it is within these areas of high gravity distortion, that UFO activity is the highest. A mountain is a huge mass of earth, rising from the static surface of the planet, which therfore warps gravity in those areas. This study is nothing new, for it goes back at least two hundred years. Keel was probably the first to identify the mountains as UFO window areas. I am probably the first to do an in-depth study of gravity anomalies, and that relates to the UFO phenomenon. Persinger did not delve into the gravitational aspects of mountains and how that relates to the UFO phenomenon, specifically earth-lights. His focus was on tectonically active regions, and how that related to the earth-light theory.

Earth-lights follow predetermined paths, along geologic faults in the earth. UFOs are most prevalent in specific areas of gravity-flux anomalies, due in part to the warping of the gravitational field by the mountain's mass.

One can only speculate as to the reason why, but I would venture a theory that the distortions in the gravity fields around these massive sturctures of earth, somehow facilitate the UFO's activity. The shape of these masses of earth in mountainous regions also can bend and shape the gravity fields, as this will act as a huge gravitational lense, manipulating the dynamics of the gravitational forces which are relative to the shape of those mountainous masses that can be determined by the gravity mapping of different features at any given mountain chain. This is evident from gravity readings taken around specific mountain chains, which will show and do demonstrate that this is indeed the case, drawing from the evidence which is available, namely gravity anomaly readings.

I have witnessed what I believe to be plasma vortices, or earth-lights, while I was investigating UFO activity at Trout Lake, Washington. I had observed a nocturnal display of white balls of light, which appeared to be dancing on the mountaintops to the north-northwest of my position. From my vantage, I would speculate that this was along the infamous Toppenish Ridge on the Yakima Indian Reservation. They did not stray, but stayed along the ridge of this well known tectonic fault line. Those, in my opinion were not UFOs, although many people would claim that they were.

I feature additional evidence, drawn from the members of my newsgroup, as we join in a discussion with two individuals and myself. We begin with the opening challenge to everyone in the X-ZONE newsgroup, beginning with a representative of the Heavenly Starlight web-site.

From: Heavenly Starlight (heavenlystarlight@h..)

Hi Rob and Group, I've been on this list for a couple of weeks now and have been enjoying your posts so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Sue and I've been observing a local 'spooklight' for several months now in the Port Perry area of Ontario. The exact location is better known as Ghost Road. I have had several strange occurences while making these observations however I am still open to all theories pertaining to this phenomena supernatural or not. I would love to hear from anyone on this list who may have had experiences with will o wisps, spooklights etc especially in relation to Ghost road. Currently I am compiling information on spooklights in other areas of N. America such as the geophysical make-up of there locations etc for comparison purposes. Any good links you may know of would also be greatly appreciated. On another note I had a sighting of a large red orbish UFO over top of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station on Nov. 5th 1990. This sighting occured near 1am and was also witnessed by my brother-inlaw. The sighting was reported and subsequently investigated. However I would like to hear from anyone else who may have had a similar experience involving either L. Ontario or a nuclear generating station. Throughout my life I've had several 'paranormal' type experiences most of which I have no adequate explanations for. I am a married, mother of three, who functions quite well in society..:) However I am drawn to these subjects and feel like I am on some sort of a quest. If any of you are interested here is the url of my site: which contains most of my experiences including my observations of the spooklight and our UFO sighting over the plant and a link to the investigative report. Looking forward to some interesting and thought provoking discussion with this group. Best Wishes, Sue

From: Bob Spittler
Sue- yes, I had such a sighting as yours back in April '99 and will e-write further, later. So long for now. --Bob Spittler, SUNRISE ELECTRONICS

From: Heavenly Starlight (heavenlystarlight@h..)

Hello Bob, Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate it and I look forward to hearing from you again. And hearing any details you may wish to share with me on your sighting. Best Wishes, Sue

From: Bob Spittler
Dear Sue, Follow said back in April, 1999, one Saturday night about 10:00 or so a small glowing, angular object was seen to rise in the western sky and slowly ascend in a straight line until it reached the zenith and then disappear. This took all of about five or more minutes, it was immediately followed by another exactly identical reddish object. Then no more that night. Will send more details later --So Much for now, Spittler

From: Bob Spittler
Dear Sue, Thnx for yours of 21st (24th?) re sightings...sorry I failed to amplify. It caused you some unnecessary confusion. The event I described took place directly over the watershed foothills that separate the Sonoma from the Napa valley in the North Bay region of California, say thirty five miles north of S.F. To the best of my knowledge and belief there are no nuclear installations anywhere near the flight path of the two sequential red lights observed that night back in April of '99. There is a small observatory on Sugarloaf Hill north of the city of Sonoma but there was either no one on duty that night or if so no one made any mention of the appearance of this anomaly. In San Rafael about twenty miles to the SSW of Sonoma a gentleman was engaged a few years ago in the study of strange r.f. emmissions from rocks that were subjected to extraordinary physical pressures and there have been documented reports of similar phenomena both within the laboratory environment and in instances of shifting of tectonic plates. *snip* Any event, keep up your investigations and Let Us Hear.... Bob Spittler

From: Christopher Montgomery Subject: Re: Hi/Earth Lights=Spirit Lights?

Hi Sue; What is the geologic-strata like below the surface of Ghost Road? Are there any geological faults running nearby or under the road? Have you ruled out earth lights? I was just wondering. Since I haven't been there myself, could you check this out? I have done alot of reading on plate tectonics and Persinger's theories, but I am left with more questions than answers. *snip* All the best to you, Sue~ Montgomery UFORCE=UFO RESOURCE CENTER.

From: Heavenly Starlight Subject: Re: Re: Hi/Earth Lights=Spirit Lights?

Hi Christopher, Yes, there is a fault nearby that has been fairly active in recent years. I have done some reading on 'earth lights' and I believe (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that these 'lights' have been reported just previous to a major quake such as in Kobe, (sp?) Japan. And that they have not been reported with minor rumblings such as the case is on the Scugog line. Nor would this theory explain why these lights can be viewed on an ongoing basis. I haven't ruled anything out in relation to this 'spooklight' as of yet. Some of the other theories that have been put forth as an explanation such as: a hoax, reflecting car headlights, swamp gas, etc. certainly may be the case for some of the sightings that have been reported, however none of these adequately explain away all of them, including my own. Nor do they explain some of the other strange occurences such as cars being pulled forward, electrical devices malfunctioning and in at least two cases the sighting of a 'being' of some sorts that have been witnessed on the road. It may be that these lights are occuring as a combination of many factors? I will say that as far as a supernatural explanation goes I find it difficult to buy into the legend/mythology (the ghost of a motorcyclist killed on the road) that is attached to this area. Most of these spooklights have a similar story and in the case of Ghost rd there are no police, hospital records, etc to verify that it actually happened. I know that I've answered your question and then some . Please do forgive me, but I have only a few people to whom I can discuss this topic with. Thank you for the well wishes, and for the link to the newsletter...:) I look forward to reading it! Sue



This data was taken, in part, from my research notes on gravity anomalies and tectonic activity

EXAMINING THE EARTHLIGHT THEORY: The Yakima Microcosm by Greg Long; The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, 2457 W. Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659 © 1990



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