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UFOs: Para-Dimensional Doorway

Researched By Christopher Montgomery

INTRODUCTION: Some UFOs my in fact be a dimensional doorway, or a worm-hole into another time/space continuum. This other "dimension" would have similar and dissimilar properties when compared to our own. We are living in what is considered the 3rd dimension of space and time. In the 4th dimension, there would be another dimensional property added. The cylindrical ufo, which may appear solid, may in fact be a visual representation of a time/space portal into that dimension, where hyper-spatial travel would be possible for other vehicles to enter or exit our world into the next

credit~UFO Folklore Please examine this object carefully, as it has presented specific qualities that are important to our research study. If these qualities are a manifestation of the time/space warp, then one would expect to see same visually represented by specific properties, which one would expect to see presented on this image. The image displays light scattering, that would indicate it was some distance away from the camera when it was filmed. This scattering affect is common with genuine unidentified object reports for another reason; to wit~ it shows what could be interpreted as a gravitational disruption in the time/space field. In other words, the matter surrounding this image is bent, distorted or "warped." That is exactly the affect which we would expect to see, if indeed this object is a visual representation of a worm-hole into another time/space dimension. (Photo credit: OVNI, Source UFO FOLKLORE)

In the FLYING SAUCER CONSPIRACY, Donald Keyhoe has shown that UFOs exhibit the ability to alter our perception of this dimensional universe. The following story concerns a report of a UFO "mother-ship," which was reported to him by the pilot of the CENTAURUS, Captain James Howard and the crew of a BOAC airliner.
As Captain Howard was checking his arrival time, a dark object appeared a few miles to the left. Flying parallel to the plane, it was clearly visible in the light setting sun. Maneuvering around this mysterious craft were several small, round objects. For a few momentrs, Captaion Howard and his co-pilot,m First Officer Lee Boyd, watched in amazement. Until then Uowrd had been sceptical of flying-saucer reports, and Boyd ahd been only half convinced.

The small saucers appeared to be flying in and out of the larger ship, though the pilots cound not be sure.

Sudenly, the mother-ship changed its position, making it appear to change shape, just as an aeroplane, seen from different angles, assumes varying shapes.

Both Captain Howared and Boyd were convinced the object were solid. And from the way the six small UFOs maneuvered, circling and apparently boarding the mother-ship, they were obviously under intelligent control.

Calling Goose Bay Air Force Base, Boyd reported the strange formation. Within sexconds two US Saberjet fighters were scrambled to meet the Centaurus. By now, all the crew and some of the passengers had seen the saucer formation. Had this been a cargo flight, Captain Howard might have risdked a closer approach. But with the lives of the crew the fifty-one passengers to c9onsider, he decided against it.

The mother-ship and its smaller saucers were still flying parallel to the Centauruis when ofe of the Sabrehjet poilots radioed the airliner from a point twnty miles away. The saucers, Captain Howard told him, were still pacing his plane. "I'll be there, in two or three minuites," the Air Force pilot answered.

Then a strange thing occurred.

Quickly the six smaller craft merged with the mother-ship. Acceleratein at a tremendous speed, the larger machine vanished in a matter of seconds." (Reference #1)

Was this dark, cigar-shaped craft turning withing the pilots field of vision, or was it changing shape or "morphing," due to the hyperspatial stresses imposed upon this ufo? We can only speculate, but at this juncture in our research, the evidence suggests that the object was operating outside of our known parameters of aerial flight.

When the craft quickly disappeared from view, was it moving with rapid acceleration, or was this "mother-ship" UFO in fact a time-tunnel, closing like the shutter on a camera? In either case, the UFO mother-ship would appear to be moving off with a rapid, increasing velocity when viewed from the pilots perspective, while within this, our time space continuum.

credit~UFO Folklore When the image above is examined carefully, you can see that there is a small, disc-shaped object in the lower right corner, immediately above the mountain. Although this may only be a film abherration (esp. if using a digital camera) it may in fact be a saucer or disc shaped conveyance, which has traveled throught the worm hole, or cigar-shaped time tunnel. We took the above image, and embossed it North at 495%. This allows the cylindrical object's 3-D properties to be seen when we use this affect. The embossing does indeed show that it has 3-dimensional properties. Other anomalies can be seen by using this affect, including the field affect above this cylinder-shaped ufo, as well as bringing out the round or disc-shaped object in the lower-right of the photo. (Enhanced PSD Special Effects: Emboss "North" at 495units, analysis and enhancements performed by Investigator Montgomery)

The following is offered as another example of the typical behavior of a cigar-shaped UFO. In "UFOs Over Gloucestershire," the eyewitness is an airliner passenger, who describes this mother-ship type ufo from his vantage aboard an airliner; please note how this craft disappears below the aircraft.
Another dramatic Gloucestershire UFO sighting was a large cylindrical object spotted high over Cheltenham by a businessman from a British Midland jet en route from Belfast to Heathrow in February 1999. He said: "I was seated at the right-hand side of the Airbus when I saw a large cigar-shaped UFO at very high altitude, above the highest cloud layer. It seemed to be stationary and was 15 degrees deviation from the aircraft's flight path."

The object - white, long and cylindrical with rounded ends and no obvious external features - was visible for around 15 minutes until the aircraft descended below the cloud layer. (Reference #2)

In THE BIBLE AND FLYING SAUCERS, Reverend Barry Downing describes the dimensinal doorway. He suggests that both heaven, hell and our visible world may co-exist. He suggests that "our universe may in fact occupy a 'one room house,' but by means of a variation in the curvature of space, whether positive, negative or zero, we are able to have three universes occupy the same volume of space. One would perhaps move from one universe to the other by 'bending space' so that an opening would be made."(Reference #3)


Reference #1: THE FLYING SAUCER CONSPIRACY; Keyhoe, pps 247-262 Reference #2: UFOs Over Gloucestershire Source: The Citizen Publication Date: July 4, 2000, UFORCE thanks the UFO-UK website for posting this report.

Reference #3: THE BIBLE AND FLYING SAUCERS, page 153, © 1978 Reverand Barry H. Downing; Avon Books; New York, NY; USA

Reference 4: Downing, Op Cit; page150

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