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Welcome to Rebel High

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Season 1
Ep. 1 - "The Pilot"
Ep. 2 - "The Roles We Play"
Ep. 3 - "Happy Nights To Happy Days"
Ep. 4 - "Less Than Perfect"
Ep. 5 - "Homecoming"
Ep. 6 - "Green-Eyed Girl"
Ep. 7 - "To Be Thankful For..."
Ep. 8 - "The Confidant"
Ep. 9 - "Falling Into You"

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*Brand New Episode*

Rebel High is a series about Casey Farrell and her experiences as a student at James Dean High School, the first all-gay high school in the United States. By Dylan Carreiro. Starring Mischa Barton, Evan Rachel Wood, Lindsay Lohan and Tyler Hoechlin.*

The Unofficial Rebel High theme song: "Touch Of Your Hand" by Mara

News and Updates

Rebel High Ep. 109 - Falling Into You (Completed Apr. 5th, 2005)

Apr. 5th-

I know it has been for-eh-ever since I have updated, but things were tough without internet access. I've got it back now though, so things shall resume like so.

Dec. 7th-

And the plot thickens... enter if you dare.

Nov. 16th-

I got a job! And I finished an episode! Whoooooo!

Nov. 9th-

Finished the episode "Green-Eyed Girl".

Oct. 31st-

New episode "Homecoming". I've completed all the work on the site, and I hope ya'll like the new look. Happy Halloween.

Oct. 21st-

Brand spankin' new episode 104: "Less Than Perfect". The site may go on and off for the next day or so while I redo some things and add more things and mess around with everything else. Let's hope I don't totally screw it up.

Oct. 14th-

Updated the Visuals page and added more photos.

Oct. 7th-

Finished a new episode "Happy Nights To Happy Days". Enjoy.

Sep. 23rd-

Finished the second episode.

Sep. 21st-

I've decided that I won't update the website until an entire episode is finished. It'll be easier this way, cause updating the website all the time is too labor intensive, and I've discovered that it's confusing for the readers when I just add on to the file, because they can't remember or find the place where they left off. *However*, if you simply can't wait until the whole episode is finished, and you'd still like to read the small updates of the ep as it's being written, join the YahooGroup, and the small updates will be sent to you as soon as they're finished.

Sep. 19th-

Added on to the second episode.

Sep. 18th-

To make things easier for me to keep people informed on updates and stuff, I created a YahooGroup mailing list. If you want to be notified of updates, JOIN! You'll get an e-mail letting you know.

Added first part of the second episode "The Roles We Play". And oh yeah, once an episode is finished and a new one is started, the old one will be moved to the archives (at the bottom of the page).

To everyone who wants to know if I'll be posting notifications of updates on various message boards: Send me your e-mail address. I'll keep a handy dandy list of your addresses and when I put up something new I'll send you news of it directly to you. I may even get around to starting a Yahoogroup or something like that, but we'll see.

Sep. 17 -

Added bios onto the Visuals page. Finished this episode. I'll be starting the next one sometime this weekend.

Sep. 16 -
Working on a new update for this ep. This next week is going to be a little slow, however, with the High Holy Days and all. And I should probably mention that I'm like a cat; I need food, drink, sleep, and excessive petting AKA feedback. Write me! Love me! Hate me! Propose marriage! I just might say yes ;-)

Dylan Carreiro

Sep. 2 -
Here's the beginning of the new series, Rebel High. Be forewarned that the series is in the script format of a TV show, so the style is a little different than usual. This update is the almost finished first episode. There will be a full 'season' of episodes to be posted once I finish each one. School hates me, so it'll take up some of my time, but I have a light load this semester and hopefully that means I'll get updates up faster. Peace out.
My e-mail has changed to lightanddark7@yahoo.com.

*The characters and the series are entirely fictitious. I have no affiliation with Mischa Barton, Evan Rachel Wood, Lindsay Lohan, and Tyler Hoechlin.

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