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Here is an example of what your spreadsheet will look like.

I need a bit of info from you first before I can make this and send it to you. YOU MUST HAVE EXCEL INSTALLED ON YOUR PC...I need your start date, start weight, your current weight, your goal weight, and your name. I do use excel 2000 and macros in making this page. If you have an older version of excel, please include that in your request so I can save it in the format you need. It may look a bit different depending on the version of excel you use. I scan everything before it is sent out with McAfee's Virus Scanner. Engine vs. 4.1.40-DAT vs. 4.0.4143 (or later, it is updated at least once every two weeks).

I now have graphs that are measured in KG's. In the future I plan on having one for Stones, but UNTIL THEN, I will convert it into pounds for you.

The black line you see just under 150 can be moved for a mini goal or placed at your final goal. You can change this at any time by dragging and dropping. Just make sure you save your changes like your asked to each time you close it out to save your new weight and goal.

Email me if your interested in getting one!! Use the form below and I can normally have it back to you with in a week. Thank you in advance :))

IF YOU DO NOT HEAR BACK FROM ME in a week, PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and resend your info. If you have sent me a form, and I did not respond, I did not get your email. Please send info to Thank you.

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