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Autumn Issue
~Under Disquieting Skies~

Vol.2, Issue 4
Date of Issue, October 1, 2003

Strip down to only
what's essential. Never
mind the ominous clouds,
the thread bare trees; set out
for the place that feels deserted.
Your poetry's there where
words are air.


Bernard Bucholis
Bill Campana
Kim Cochran
Karen Corcoran Dabkowski
Emily Clarice Harriman
Gwendoline Karas
Stephen Mead
Wayne Noone
Angela Zielinski

In keeping with the spookiness of the
season, sample digital photo distortions
that are without a doubt, some of the
scariest images I've found.

Scott Craig's

I recommend you let the entire page
load first~ then click on individual
links for a packet of very
disquieting images.


October's Editorial
"Is There Too Much 'Me' In Poetry?"
by ruffledpanties


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