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Well this part of my page is about me, who I am where I came from and things like that. I know you are thinking.....hmmmmm, fun. Well its just so that you know about me so that I am not a total stranger to you.

My full name is Callie Lynn Grant. I grew up in Swarthmore, PA. I still live around there. I am a 17 years old with two tattoos (one of which is the blue design on the "Friends" page), and hopefully more when I get the money. I have my few best friends, which is Diana, Lauren, Coz, Mae, Nina, Rahel, and Angie. I see them the most out of all my friends and I can trust them the most. I have other close friends that I share a bond with unlike any other I have ever experienced. You know who you are when I say that. I live with my mother and brother now. I used to have a stepfather but he died about a year ago.

Other than that I want to be a photographer when I grow up. I love it. I think that photography is a way to show people how you view the world. Itís a way to let them see the world through your eyes. It gives them a better understanding of where you are coming from and hopefully a better understanding of you as a person.

I donít have a boyfriend at the time that I am writing this. I have had many and loved each one in my own special way. I miss them all and I will never feel bad about loving them. It's better to love someone and lose him or her than to never love him or her at all. But I care for some of them still. I wish I knew that they felt the same, but it's okay. I will never regret. Itís a shame when someone regrets the love that they gave to another.

I love all kinds of music. But I think my favorite C.D. is ďTo whom it may concernÖĒ by Coz Baldwin. I think that is the best. You should check his page out in my links section. I think you will like it.

I love animals. I have a ferret and 3 dogs. I may not tell them but I do love them all to death. I would not know what to do if I lost all them at the same time. They are my babies.
Hmmm... I love the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." It kicks ass.

And thatís all. I donít know what else to put. Take care all and please be good.

Eternally yours,

Callie Grant

July 25, 2000