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Visual basic is one of the easiest languages I have learned, and can be used to do just about anything from animation to subclassing.

Api is some pretty powerfull stuff, letting you manipulate some objects in other programs, and do all the advanced things that VB does not implement for you. A great tutorial for learning to use the Api, written by DoS, as well as other programs and tutorials can be found in the download section.

Learn C++ With this freeware tutorial by Gordon Dodrill. It is the first C tutorial I read, and was very helpful in learning the basics of the language, even though it is from the days of DOS. Read It
Other great sites:
The cure for the common code.

VB Square
VB Tips on just about everything.

Fantastic Fractals
This is the site that got me interested in fractals

Peer Sites

Visual Basic Resource - Robin McKay

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