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Welcome to Klaybold's Room!

Hi!! This is my page!! My name is Klaybold,and as you can prolly tell,I'm a son of Klogg. NoNoNo,I'm not evil!! I'm as gentle as a butterfly.(smiles) In the Underhood,I live in my own room Daddy Klogg gave me. Besides chillin' and chattin',I also have to protect my sister Sokkia! She's constantly bullied by Daddy Klogg,Siege,and all our bros!!! My page will have OODLES of stuff soon! Stories,pics,bios.....and who knows what other bunches of stuff I'll have soon!! GoGoGo explore!!! (smiles)And if Klogg Daddy gets in your way...hit him with your mouse cursor. {PAGE UPDATES : 5/13/2000} Working on getting my scanner up and runnin'!! Have some great inside pics of the Underhood and some pics of all the characters I've created,and even some great stories for you guys!! So,keep checking back and soon,more will be up!! Added my Fast Counter!
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Spiff Neverhood sites!!

The Underhood!
Evil The Klay's Neverhood Disco Casino!
The original Neverhood site!!
The Neverhood chat!! Talk with all your klay friends!! Compliments of Sarria!
The Message Board! Got a question or a comment? Post it here! Again compliments of Sarria!

Stories and more!!

Some nice stories!!
Bios!! Look at all the people!!
A look inside the Underhood! Maps! (created with imagination)

Daddy Klogg's section,my e-mail address,my Message Board,my Guestbook,and my Chatroom!! Slowly building!

Dad's section....jam-packed with evil plans and such.
Klaybold's e-mail
My Underhood Message Board!!
My Guestbook!!....It's not set up like it should be yet because I have to get my FastCounter first,so bear with me.
My Underhood Chat!!