The Ex Factor

Yes,I do support the ex-girlfriend books. Before anyone jumps down my throat and says that I am not a "true fan",(whatever the hell that may be...) hear me out.

I do support the books and the authors.A lot of fans say that "They are just using BSB for their money." Well,how do you know that? A lot of fans say that "They are using their 'former girlfriends' label to get their books sold." Hmmm...So are fans saying that the ex girlfriends are trying to use their connections to the BSB and write a books so that fans could buy it? Maybe so. But,let me pont out a few things. Who else is doing the SAME exact thing? Mrs. Jane Carter. Think about it for a moment.

Jane Carter wrote a book on her son,(or should I say sons? *cough*) Nick. But did fans bitch about it? Did all hell break loose? Of course it didn't. Fans were happy as clams and did not jump to conclusions. No anti-campaigns or boycotts. Number one on the best sellers lists and everyone felt as if it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Until the book was ACTUALLY read,that is.

When fans first heard of the ex girlfriend books,they thought the books was going to be bad,deceitful,and a tell all,and that it was a shortcut to fame or the authors,Sam and Marisa. But when Jane wrote a book on her son (s),fans thought the book was only about her and Nick and not the rest of her children,and that the book was going to be good.

It just goes to show you that you cannot judge a book by it's cover. Litterally.

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