(A Few) Words on Slashdot Submissions

I want to have my name in lights, or a facsimile thereof.

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We get asked quite a bit about why particular submissions didn't run on Slashdot. Rob (CmdrTaco) gives a concise answer to the question of why a given story didn't run in the Slashdot FAQ -- in fact, go read the FAQ, and then come back here :)

This document is a slightly more drawn-out attempt to explain how we look at the (many) submissions which enter the bin each day. This document will tell you what we look for, so if you'd like to have a submission posted, you may find reading what follows worthwhile.

Note: though this looks at submissions as though they were all divided into two idealized categories ("perfect" and "horrible"), the truth is that most submissions fall somewhere between those two extremes. You may notice that the descriptions of the qualities of a perfect submission are shorter than those of the horrible submission. That's because for a perfect submission, those good qualities tend to be more self-evident. Submitters whose efforts rank in the horrible range, though, may not realize quite why they don't get posted, so I've tried to include some tips.

The closer a submission is to featuring all the "perfect" characteristics, the better the chances are that it will run. And of course, the more "horrible" points it's got, the lower those chances get. While we will sometimes tweak submitters' grammar, spelling and punctuation, attempt to fix broken links, and even edit with brackets and ellipses (in the interest of brevity, clarity and good taste), the nicer a submission starts out, the less tempted we are to hit "delete."

Note: The URLs used as examples within the remainder of this document do not (I hope) reach any actual sites. They are used strictly to demonstrate the emergency site-not-found features of your browser.

What makes a perfect Slashdot submission?

A perfect Slashdot submission should make you want to cry, it is so good.

A perfect Slashdot submission is ...

Zum Beispiel

Here's an example of a (totally hypothetical) submission that would be likely to run if it were not totally hypothetical:
CourageousOne writes: "Thought I'd drop a note about the human-powered computer that my high school's Physics Club conjured up to compete in the upcoming ALSO (Another Loony Science Organization) annual competition in innovative computer systems. With a budget of under $300, we managed to fashion a pedal-powered rig sufficient to power a 486 laptop for 15 minutes at a stretch with an equal time spent pedaling, much longer with a solar assist. (The laptop, used, is where most of our budget went, but at least it has 64MB of RAM.) So far this is just a sit-in-place rig, but we hope to take it mobile like Steven Roberts' famous Behemoth, and perhaps add a webcam."

How to be Boring

What makes a horrible Slashdot submission?

A horrible Slashdot submission would make you want to cry, it is so bad.

A horrible Slashdot submission is ...

Hard as it may be to believe, there are quite a few submissions each day which meet most if not all of these qualifications.

Par Example

Here's an example of a (totally hypothetical) submission that would be unlikely to run even if it were not totally hypothetical:
Anonymous writes: "

Lissen up you st00pid [expletive, plural]!!! There's a new Beta of my favroite game out, it runs on windows (not "WINDOZE"!!!) and bill gates is probably buying it. http://www.totallyunfounded.com/completely falserumors/obviouslies.html so it will be everywhere even Walmartunlike your LINUX [expletive, pl] foolz!! so why don't you post it? I submitted this yesterday and it never ran why not are you afraid?

Everyone knows that games are the real reason that anyone buys all these computer toys and games on LINUX suck donkeyparts!!! Just cause you can't program worth a
[expletive] you want to tear down the real innovators that makes games and OS'es for real people, not pie and the sky dreamers like you all are. What about games that run on your precious LINUX systmes which you persist in calling 'boxen' like idiotic [expletive, pl.]?! No, coz X Windows is a total copy of Win2K, the only really stable OS yet for real people with an investment in games all ready.

Oh, and here's my favroite picture of you
[expletive, plural]!!! Die!


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