Winter Trees: A Page of Sylvia Plath


Sylvia was born in Boston and graduated from Smith College. She married the British poet Ted Hughes in 1956. Her first collection of poems, The Colossus(1960), received less recognition than three edited by her husband after her death. The Collected Poems, published in 1981, received the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1982. A collection of her letters to her mother, Letters Home, was published in 1976. Johnny panic and the Bible of Dreams (1978), is a collection of her short stories and nonfiction.


Most of Sylvia's poems center around suicide and self-hatred. Her autobiographical novel The Bell Jar(1963) portrays the isolation she felt during a mental breakdown. "Daddy," a poem written shortly before she committed suicide at the age of 30, viciously describes the love and hate she felt for her father. Some of Sylvia's poems smypathize with the hardships women face in the modern world. These poems later became popular with members of the Women's Liberation Movement.

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To a Fatherless Son


The Tour

Childless Woman

The Rabbit Catcher


Winter Trees

***Note-All poems posted were taken from Winter Trees. They are all out of the batch from which the Ariel poems were chosen from, and they were all composed in the last year of Sylvia's life. PLEASE send your thoughts, ideas, questions, or comments to us!

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