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~*~Stuff ~*~

This is where STUFF is posted. Like Poems and pictures that you and I have created. PLEASE send me stuff by ~*~Clicking Here~*~. Thanks!!! Remember: STOP THE HATE AND IGNORANCE!!


Sometimes I sit and wonder
about the world today.
Where I am left standing
with nothing to say.

People are put down
for the clothes that they wear;
for the patches on their bags,
and the color of their hair.

Clothes with many holes
and silver safety pins.
Our "evil" ways
always appear to be sins.

We do what we want,
and whatever we feel.
We only want to be us,
and keep it completely real.

See us for people,
and for who we are.
And once that happens,
the world will go far.

People all equal;
Sharing the same space.
No one judging each other
on appearance or race.
~Kristin Hoffman (Creator)~