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~*~Eric ~*~& ~*~Dylan ~*~

OK these are *MY* thoughts and opinions on Eric and Dylan. I decided to make a page for them because they were subjected to hate crimes as well as causing one.

I do not condone what Eric and Dylan did. By far, I wish they had not done what they did. But I cannot change the past, only help with the future.

I can sort of understand why Eric and Dylan did what they did. From information I have seen and heard on TV, they were taunted and ridiculed all their lives. Called names and picked on. Typical teenage/high school stuff. See what happens?

I have grown up being ridiculed all my life. There were times in my life where I never wanted to leave the house because I couldn't put up with the other kids making fun of me. Then, one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and asked what was I really scared of? Was it true what they were saying to me? I looked straight at the mirror and said no.

I still get picked on to this day. Whether it be an enemy of mine calling me a name, or a random person I do not know calling me a freak or some other name for the clothing or make-up that I wear. I just shrug it all off and take it with a smile. At least I am getting noticed.

Well Eric and Dylan sure got noticed alright. I believe that in their minds they really weren't going to kill anyone. And if they were actually going to go through with that they had planned, then I believe they had really good reasons in their minds to do so. They were picked on to the point of losing control.

Nowadays, it's hard for kids and teenagers to grow up. We have to deal with daily torments from our peers. If people could just accept people for who they are, we wouldn't have to deal with the harsh words. And if we all could accept each other for who we are, then I believe that this incident that Eric and Dylan (and their tormentors) caused would never have happened.

Let's not have it happen again!

Rest in Peace Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. You will not be forgotten.

~*~Be tolerant! Join the List!~*~


Some people have brought to my attention that I should NOT have a part of my website dedicated to these "monsters."
For one,they were and are NOT monsters. They did what they did for perfectly good reasons (well...THEY thought they were perfectly good reasons!).
And two, they are people who I think DESERVE attention for what they did. Maybe spreading the word about them may STOP another incident like this from happening. If you are going to stop the hate, you should accept what Eric and Dylan did and not see them as monsters. Just people with big problems and who could not cope with them in any other way.
Dont get me wrong, what they did was disgusting and wrong, but I still will NEVER consider them monsters. They were subjects of a hate crime as well as causing one. You all must remember that.