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Here is an update on what Dustin Camp has been up to. (I got this from a friend who has a friend who lives in Amarillo, TX)

Dustin Camp is Arrested
By Kevin Welch

Dustin Camp, who testified he felt compelled to drive into Brian Deneke with a Cadillac in 1997 to defend a friend, now faces the possible revocation of his probation in the case following his arrest Wednesday.Canyon police arrested Camp, 20, on charges of evading arrest and being a minor in possession of alcohol near his brother's home early Wednesday.Camp is on 10 years probation for his manslaughter conviction that drew broad attention when national television reports described the conflict as being a clash between "punks" and "preps" and questioned the lack of jail time for Camp.Some of the conditions of Camp's probation include not breaking any laws, not remaining where a criminal act is being committed and abstaining from the consumption of alcohol at all times.The charges will go to Randall County Criminal District Attorney James Farren. If facts warrant prosecution, Camp and others arrested in the incident will face arraignment by County Court at Law Judge James Anderson."Basically, on Tuesday night at 11:50 p.m. we received a disorderly conduct/breach of the peace call for a home at 811 Oregon Trail," said Canyon Police Chief Bobby Griffin. "Officers observed minors in the front yard and inside the house drinking beer. While they were attempting to identify and confirm each person's age, Dustin Camp was inside hiding, and his brother David wouldn't identify him." After officers asked Dustin Camp to come out of the house, he fled through the back door of his brother's residence and attempted to return about 1:20 a.m., Griffin said. A 911 call reporting a suspicious male in the area brought police back to the scene at that time, resulting in Dustin Camp's arrest.David Camp, 24, faces a charge of hindering apprehension, a class A misdemeanor with punishment up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine, and a charge of making alcohol available to minors, a class C misdemeanor that carries only a fine for punishment.Police also charged the three other minors with possessing alcohol and Christopher Straker, 23, with making the alcohol available.Both Camps were processed at the Randall County Jail and were out within hours of their arrests, said Lt. Kelle Hall, head of the sheriff's department's service division. Dustin Camp posted a $1,000 cash bond and Allstate Bail Bonds posted two $1,000 surety bonds for David Camp.The process of deciding whether Dustin Camp violated his probation could be a long one."Generally speaking, if there is a violation of probation reported to the district attorney's office by the probation department then the district attorney's office will file a motion with the court requesting that the defendant be brought forth for a hearing in front of the judge so the judge can determine whether or not he violated his probation, and if so, what should happen to him," said Assistant Potter County District Attorney John Coyle, who prosecuted Camp originally.Coyle declined to comment on whether a charge of evading arrest would be serious enough for the district attorney's office to seek revocation of Camp's probation."It depends on the facts and circumstances," he said.Dustin Camp had been in Ridgeland, Miss., for almost one year and had returned to the Panhandle after 108th District Judge Abe Lopez approved the move three weeks ago. He attended West Texas A&M University during the spring and first summer semesters of 2000, said Dana Olmstead, director of communication services at WT.He is not currently enrolled at the school, she said.Debra Gaines, Camp's probation officer, said he is living in Canyon, has a job and has been obeying the rules of his probation. Her recommendation to the Potter County District Attorney's office is pending until she receives a report on Wednesday's charges, Gaines said.Deneke died of injuries from the car Camp was driving in the parking lot of Western Plaza on Dec. 12, 1997, during a fight between two groups of Amarillo youths. According to testimony at Camp's trial, tensions between the men who pursued more exotic lifestyles with body piercings and mohawks and the others who appeared more mainstream had been mounting from an earlier confrontation.A passenger in Camp's car, Elise Thompson, testified Camp said "I'm a ninja in my Caddy" and "I bet he liked that one," after the Cadillac drove into Deneke.Camp denied saying either statement.After Deneke's family and friends filed a civil lawsuit against Dustin Camp and his parents, the two sides reached an agreement in which the Deneke side received $20,000 from the Camps.