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"It's so easy to wish for death when nothing's wrong with you! It's so easy to fall in love with death, and I've been all my life, and seen its most faithful worshipers crumble in the end, screaming just to live, as if all the dark veils and the lilies and the smael of candles, and grandoise promises of the grave, meant nothing." ~Violin~

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Hi, I'm Arlee and this is my new and improved web site about everything that has to do with Anne Rice.

Ok, I guess it's time to update my welcome message here on the main page and let you know everything that's new again. ^_^

Well, since I've been adding so many new links to other Ricean sites here, I overloaded my original 'links' page and had to create a second one to accomadate for all the site banners. So, now there is a 2nd Links Page where all of the newest additions will be placed. There isn't any "better" page or anything, all of the sites listed on both pages are awesome, so I encourage you to check them all out. And as always, there are new sites being added nearly every week, so check back in frequently to see any new AR sites that have popped up on the web, or that have just recently been added to the links section.

Also, incase you haven't noticed: There's a new 'Poetry' section in the sections at the top of the page. This is where fans of AR's work and characters write their own poetry and I've posted their poems here.

As always, new polls and pics added monthly and weekly for your entertainment. Feel free to write to me (email listed at bottom of page) anytime you have any comments, questions or suggestions on the site. Hope you find everything you could want to find here, and come back any time.


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