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***I have said it before and I will say it again***

Anyone who vexes my husband, children, and my friends, vexes me and, trust me, you do not want to vex me! If anything untoward is directed toward my husband, children, and my friends, you will answer to me. Seriously…You do not want that to happen. I AM WIELDER OF THE SWORD AND FLAME OF ARNOCH and have NEVER failed to accomplish that which I ‘called down’! So, be forewarned unenlightened toads and weasels! True Witches do not take kindly to the vexing of their kin and friends and country!

Please see spell at bottom of page to help the wolves and environment.

Here’s a quick prayer to say to help the wolves (actually, it will help anyone/thing). Due to the extreme gravity of the current situation, it would be wise to repeat this prayer whenever you can.

Archangel Michael, give wolves a pillar of light to protect them from all harm!

Blessings, Raven

September 1, 2008

Alaska Governor (and now Republican Vice Presidential nominee), SARAH PALIN has signed off on a $400,000 state-funded propaganda campaign to justify the state’s barbaric wolf slaughter from the skies.

Earlier this summer, you, SARAH PALIN, signed off on legislation that set aside $400,000 for a "major public relations effort" to support the state's brutal, unfair and unnecessary aerial gunning program. I am strongly opposed to using state funds for this purpose -- funds which could be used for more effective wildlife conservation efforts.

In Alaska, trophy hunters are using aircraft to gun down wolves from the air or to run the wolves to EXHAUSTION [my emphasis], then land and shoot them at POINT-BLANK RANGE (my emphasis].
Alaska’s Governor and Republican VP nominee, SARAH PALIN, even wanted to reward the killers with a $150 bounty when they TURNED IN ITS (WOLF’S] SEVERED LEG! [my emphasis]

Plus, the Bush/Cheney Administration HAS REMOVED Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in the NORTHERN ROCKIES. They’ve already turned over wolf management to IDAHO, A STATE WHOSE LEGISLATURE PASSED A RESOLUTION CALLING FOR THE ERADICATION OF WOLVES BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
IDAHO’S Governor C.L. Butch Otter announced he wanted to kill the first wolf himself.

Sarah Palin DOES NOT care about the people of the United States!
Sarah Palin has such little concern about the environment and animals! Apparently, she has her very own license to KILL WOLVES and she TOOK PART IN THE REMOVAL of WOLF PUPS FROM THEIR DEN and then KILLING THEM!
What a YUCKY creature she is!

Therefore, we say she DOES NOT have integrity! And CLEARLY does not give a flying flip for nature or have a conscience!

If my site is taken down by you ‘creepy unpeople’ because of what I have said here (you know who you are—you think I don’t know who you are?!), I will go on every major television news show all across the country including all major outlets and excluding FOX News. I will let EVERYONE know who you are and what you are up to! You have gone too far this time!

You can bet your ‘bippy’ that BIG OIL is behind the Republican VP pick. Their presidential and vice-presidential picks are in the hands of big oil and big business. They plan on bleeding the United States of America dry like Hitler did to the Poles in 1939! Read your history and be afraid if these two are elected. VOTE DEMOCRACTIC this year! Because if you don’t, after the wolves, polar bears, and the Earth, “they”, big business, and big oil will be coming after you and yours next! Don’t be stupid! Read. Think. Act!

Go to Defenders of Wildlife for more information.

February 17, 2008

One of the presents my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas 2007 was a substantial amount of money given to Defenders of Wildlife to aid the WOLVES! The amount was matched by his company, so it added up to even more money. That was such a sweet, dear thing for him to do because he knows how much it meant to me. Thanks, Paul! Oh, and they (Defenders of Wildlife) sent me presents, too.

WOLF ALERT ~~~FEBRUARY 2, 2007 - 2008~~~

Please see my WOLF ALERT on my home page at www.ravensgatekeep.com The states of Idaho and Wyoming have been given the “okay” by the Bush/Cheney administration to KILL HUNDREDS OF WOLVES!!! We need 25,000 petitions sent by Friday. Please help save the wolves.

“Tell Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne that you’re outraged by his department’s decision to eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in states now planning widespread wolf eradication.” Speak Out for Wolves in the Northern Rockies
Thanks. Raven.


The anti-environmentalist, nightmarish jerk, who took monies from Jack Abramoff, ---yes, I am talking about the creepy ex-congressman, Pombo Richard Pombo: The "Darth Vader" of the Environment by Sarah Olson who lost the election to Jerry McNerney has been defeated! I salute all my magickal friends with a wave of my wand. Thank you so much for helping bring this election to the conclusion that the majority of our good and compassionate citizenry wanted.
Now I have another favor to ask of you. According to the information I am receiving from Defenders, Wyoming has declared war on wolves. State officials have filed a lawsuit to compel the federal government to remove as many as two-thirds of the wolves in Wyoming. And, unless we stop them, as many as 200 wolves and their pups could die.

Please go to the Defenders of Wildlife site Defenders Of Wildlife “Stop Wyoming’s War On Wolves” to find out more (and also to find out what you can do. (You will need to click on the “Act Now” button.), Of course, you who are my magickal warrior friends will know exactly what to do. We need to BIND Wyoming!!! (among other things). Find out who is directing this in that state and get back to me. I will report it here and then we will know exactly who and what to bind. I may even publish a wonderful binding spell so you all can use it. It worked stunningly for me for the mid-term elections. Most are still bound (smiles). Please help the wolves, and once again, thanks for your help and support, and magick!!!
Blessings, Raven.


Please go here Wolf Action Center
A deadline is looming, so please send your action emails ASAP. This form even provides the information and you can change some of the wording if you choose to do so. You can even choose to whom it goes. Please do this quickly to help save the wolves.
Blessings to all who help. Thanks, Raven.


I just sent an email to Lou Dobbs. I hope he is able to speak the truth about what is going on with the Wolves in Alaska. I have updated information on my INDEX page, but I will repeat some of it here. Alaska is planning on culling more wolves from the air so that there will be more caribou for hunters such as scary Dick Cheney to shoot. I have cleaned my words up, but please try to read between the lines. I feel like we have become a nation of murderers. “As we do unto the least of these my brethren, we do unto ourselves”. And, may I add—the Universe. Never ever forget the cosmic rule of –cause and effect--.We are the “Keepers of the Earth” and the beasts on it. We are not doing a very good job as caretakers. Personally, it seems to me that the current administration is simply takers and murders. I know some of you will be all tizzy about me saying these things, but someone has to! And, as a Witch, I plan on taking some action to protect and care for the “least of these”. To all magickal beings (“muggles” can do it too), please perform the spell at the bottom of this “Wolves” page.
A monetary contribution to Defenders of Wildlife would be quite helpful, as well.
The wolves thank you and I thank you. And your children and children’s children ad infinitum thank you.

You can sign a petition at Campaign To Save Alaska’s Wolves. If this link goes bust, you can reach the petition through the Defenders of Wildlife site. They also provide a place where you can email your friends to help inform them as to what is transpiring against the wolves in Alaska. Remember, sometimes it only takes that one compassionate being to make a difference. It could be you.

Thanks and Blessings, Raven

More cruelty…I just saw the end of an HBO special called Dealing Dogs. “I would not have been able to watch it, but I was encouraged by the outcome. I hope lots of people were able to see it. The wonderful people who rescued those animals ought to be highly praised and given money and medals. The producers, Sarah Teale and Tom Simon as well as all those who aided these poor creatures should be given ticker tape parades, an Emmy and more. If you want to know what I am talking about go to my “Things You Should Know” page because that is where I will discuss it. Dogs are descendents of wolves. This is why I mention it here. I think people who are so hideously and heinously cruel to animals are no doubt also cruel to humans and most likely are probably not even human. Just my opinion… Please visit:
Special Investigations Unit LCA
regarding update on Baird case, and

LCA –The FBI of Animal Rights--Class B-Dealer C.C. Baird Out of Business PERMANENTLY!!!

Their main webpage is located at:
LCA –The FBI of Animal Rights

It is heart wrenching, but necessary to see. And, so rewarding when you see that they are bringing the monsters to justice!

(For newer updates see below.)

Whilst half asleep at 2:00 AM this morning, I was channel surfing and landed on “Headline News” long enough to hear them say that ALASKA IS PLANNING TO CULL 500 WOLVES!!!

If they do so, they can and had better expect a DEVASTATING EARTHQUAKE!!! AND THEY WILL SURELY GET ONE IF THEY DO!!!
If they kill the wolves, I can predict, positively, that they will have a devastating earthquake. It's not a good idea to mess with Mother Nature. Now they are going to be drilling in the Delani National Park and Reserve. SHAME!!!


Looks like the USA Congress got some sense and decided against the drilling. Good for them!!!

NOTE~~~ I just read where they are going to go ahead and do this:

Interior Department Clears Oil Leases In Alaska's North Slope

Author: H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press Source: ENN

The U.S. Interior Department is opening to oil and gas development almost half a million acres (202,350 hectares) of federal land in an ecologically sensitive area of Alaska's North Slope. The area has been off-limits for decades to protect caribou and migratory birds.

The department said Wednesday it would allow oil development in virtually all the wetlands surrounding Lake Teshekpuk in the northeast corner of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. The lake region includes one of Alaska's most important molting areas beyond the Arctic Circle for wild geese and areas sought out by caribou herds for calving. Henri Bisson, the BLM's director in Alaska, said the leasing program would include thousands of acres around the lake where no surface facilities except for pipelines would be allowed as a way to protect caribou calving areas and geese molting areas.
Go here ENN: Environmental News Network to get the whole story.
This was dated January 13, 2006.

By the way, it says it is a


park. Guess that doesn’t mean much anymore.
They are messing with Mother Nature!!!
My advice to ALASKA is to forget the wolf kill!!!

Go to Google.com and inject “earthquakes in Alaska”. Apparently, many are brewing. No, duh!!! Update: Yep! Looks like there have been lots of tremblers in Alaska.
Please read: Alaska Resumes Wolf Hunts Over Protests Looks as if they will have their earthquake, after all.
July 28, 2006
It was announced today that some of the Alaskan National Guardsmen will have to go to Baghdad instead of going home like they were scheduled to do. The government has extended their time by four more months. Interesting. . .

BIG HURRAYS to David Letterman!!! He had Renee Askins on his show on April 6, 2004. She is the author of, "Shadow Mountain: A Memoir of Wolves, a Woman and the Wild." He asked her intelligent and pertinent questions. It was a great interview. Ms. Askins even had a wolf with her. You can visit her webpage at Renee Askins. You might also be able to get information or see clips on David Letterman’s “Late Show with David Letterman” site.
Another really good link would be Wolf Conservation Center.
God/dess Bless you, Dave and Renee!!!


Those who value wolves must go to this site: International Wolf Center and read the current news article about how one of Bush’s appointees—Norton—Norton Announces Proposal to Remove Eastern Population of Gray Wolves Georgia Parham -- US Fish & Wildlife Service, 07/16/2004

***This just in~~~March 10, 2006~~~ Gale Norton has resigned!!!

Well, I wonder what that implies? In the name of all that is Holy, I pray they get a head of the Department of the Interior who is pro-wolf and environment!!! (They DID NOT!!!)
The environment cannot stand three more years of these idiots (Bush administration). DO SOMETHING!!! WRITE TO YOUR CONGRESSIONAL PEOPLE!!! CONJOUR~~~SPELL CRAFT!!! SEND EMAILS AS MENTIONED UNDER ALERT, ALERT, ALERT above. Oh, and don’t forget the Alaskan governor who signed the legislation to resume the aerial killings-- Frank Murkowski. You might consider putting his name in your cauldrons!!! And, Norton is still accountable for the harm she has done. She may be gone, but she still did a lot of damage and is accountable. Once we get this stopped, you can be all “nicety-nice” again. Don’t worry—nothing will “come back on you” when you are helping “Mother Nature” or Gaia.

You may even be “rewarded”.

~~~ALERT!!!! ~~~
I just read an article in the February 16, 2004, page 18 issue of the “American Free Press”. The title of the article is “Throwing Nature to the Wolves –seeking balance between mankind and the wilderness”. I am not going to excerpt the article here. What I am going to say is this: I have been a member of nearly every environmental group that exists the last several years. And as a member of Defenders of Wildlife, I KNOW that group will refund every verified wolf kill on private livestock. THERE IS NEVER A NEED TO KILL THE WOLVES!!!

The ranchers and the farmers are REIMBURSED for every single killing that can be verified as having been a wolf kill. All of you wolf murderers are hereby and herewith put on NOTICE---D0 NOT KILL ANY MORE WOLVES!!! AND THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU FARMERS AND RANCHERS AND WEASELS (I think you know what I mean by “weasels”, i.e., ‘enablers’.) WHEREVER YOU ARE, AND WHOEVER YOU ARE THAT ARE KILLING WOLVES!!!

I will call down the greatest powers in the universe and these will attend to having me equally compensated for your crimes against the wolves! You do not want that to happen, so quit killing the wolves!!!

We haven’t had any decent representative in the office of the U.S. Game and Wildlife or Secretary of the Interior since Bruce Babbitt, who finally realized the importance of re-introducing and caring for wolves in the USA.

Jesus! I’ve been out of the country for the last five years. I had no idea how bad it has gotten. I just read this:Governor Frank Murkowski signed legislation last summer that brings back same-day airborne and aerial wolf killing. The law allows for private citizens to engage in killing wolves using airplanes over tens of thousands of square miles in areas of Alaska approved for predator control by the Alaska Board of Game.

Humans of this ilk sicken me!!!

You can reach Defenders of Wildlife by going to Defenders of Wildlife~~Wolves

Crap! I don’t have time to try to educate all the morons out there about the environment.
Heck, most of the lands they are on are PUBLIC LANDs!!! !!! Hey!!! All you farmers and ranchers out West and in Alaska who are using the land that BELONGS TO THE AMERICAN CITZENRY!!! Listen loudly and clearly---IT ISN’T YOUR LAND!!! IT BELONGS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! IT IS PUBLIC LAND~~~GOT THAT?!?!?~~~PUBLIC LAND!!! ~~~ Every American citizen has a right to decide what happens on public land. You DO NOT OWN PUBLIC LAND!!! You are just leasing it. ~~~Got it?~~~ I’m not certain of this, but I believe Native Americans have entitlements to PUBLIC LANDS. I’m not talking about the indigenous tribes that kill wolves in Alaska. They piss me off, too. What I DO know is that non-Native Americans are not allowed to kill the wolves on Native Americans’ soil. I know this because I have an “adopted” wolf that is being cared for by the Utes.

PUBLIC LAND BELONGS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! IT IS PUBLIC LAND~~~GOT THAT?!?!?~~~PUBLIC LAND!!! ~~~ Every American citizen has a right to decide what happens on public land. This means we all get to decide. You may lease the land, but that DOES NOT entitle you to kill the wildlife on it!!! You DO NOT OWN PUBLIC LAND, NOR THE WILDLIFE THAT LIVES ON IT!!! ~~~ So QUIT killing the wolves.~~~ They are covered by “my friends” in “DO NOT VEX ME OR “MY FRIENDS”…bit as stated above.




My good friend, Sandi (Blackkat) sent me this quote:

We did not weave the web of life. We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.—Blackkat

I would like to add that whatever we do to the Earth, we do to our Universe, as well as to ourselves and those who come after us. We must always be mindful that those who destroy creation and the good will of life shall be held accountable. What goes around comes around…Cause and Effect. These are immutable laws. Be mindful of them at all times. The only exception to this is to destroy evil that would unbind the balance of life. That is a responsibility! It is not for everyone, but it is definitely for those of us who descry, ken. You know who you are.

Someday, I may be less vociferous, but right now, Nature needs us and there is so little time left for so much of it.
So, to task, then.
Blessings, Raven

If you would like to help protect the wolves and “educate” those who are harming them, then please do the blessing shown below. Just a note: This can be used for all animals. Thanks, Raven.

Help Cast a Blessing on the Wolves…

Meditate on protecting the wolves.
Then use this spell or your own.

I call upon the mighty forces of Mother Nature!
I call upon all the good protective spirits!
The ‘Watchers’, Forces, and good Angels of the Earth,
and of the waters,
and of air, and of the fires of the phoenix,
and the safety of the earthen den.
Hear me now!
Hear my call!
Help me now!
Cause those that would viciously harm wolves to be rendered impotent!
Lend your powers to protect this life form which is so endangered!
Blessed vast ranging Forces, Watchers, and good Angels, Holy Lady, Holy Father,
engage the power and the energy which I call forth to grow and redouble!
These animals, the wolves, (Note: you can change this to use with other endangered animals)
are aided and protected and ever stronger!
These animals, the wolves,
are ever more able to thrive in the world as it is now,
and in the world as it will be in the future!!!


I don’t know who penned the next two sayings, but I like them and wanted to share them with you.

These things, I warmly wish for you-
Someone to love,
Some work to do,
A bit of o’ sun
A bit o’ cheer
And a Guardian Angel
Always near.

May joy and peace surround you,
Contentment latch your door,
And happiness be with you now
And bless you evermore.



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