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NOVEMBER 2004 ~~~ This page has been temporarily suspended. It seems redundant. I will decide later what I am going to do with it, but for now, it is suspended. Best Wishes, Raven.

05AUGUST04 * Updates for August have been applied. Added some information to “Interesting Tidbits” page.

02 JUNE 04 * Updates for June have been applied.

07 APR 04 * Made many updates. Also updated Spells page for April and created the April 2004 Rants and Raves page.

10 MAR 04 * Added more information to my March 2004 Rants and Raves page. Added more information and links to my Interesting Tidbits page.

MAR 04 * Updated website. Put a new Magick 8 Ball on Tarot Page. Re-arranged Spells page. Created March 2004 Rants and Raves Page accessible from Current Rants and Raves Page.

FEB 28 04 * Updated Spells page and Dolmens page. Added information to the February Rants and Raves Page and Interesting Tidbits Pages.

15 FEB 04 * Created new webpage~WOLVES~.

05 FEB 04 * Updated the Spells page and created February’s Rants and Raves page.
01 FEB 04 * Updated Feng Shui page with important information regarding the flying stars and where to find information for “cures”. Will be updating Spells page with February Moon information soon, as well as archiving the 2003 information on Updates page.

15 JAN 04 * Updated the Spells page. Created January 2004 Rants and Raves page which can be reached from “Current Rants and Raves” page.

08 JAN 04 * Will be updating Spell page and R&R pages within the week. Been busy with holiday visits.

05 DED 03 * Updated Spells page with new moon information. Checked links. Added to December 2003 Rants and Raves page. Put a new moon info chart on the Index page. Still recommend viewing “Inconstant Moon” on the Spells page. Put proper information on Feng Shui page.

26 OCT 03 * Added some Wal-Mart rants on the pages of my Current Rants and Raves, Dungeon Tales, and October 2003 Rants and Raves. Also soap-boxed a bit on the October 2003 Rants and Raves Page. Added a Jim Morrison quote to the Main Page. Will probably be adding one more regarding ‘authority’ to the Main page. Hallow’s Eve (Samhain) approaches. Watch for new info on my Witches page. Spiritualitea updates the seasonal information on that page. Blessings, Raven.

01 OCT 03 * Updated Spells page with October information. Added Schrodering’s cat info to Interesting Tidbits page. Created October 2003 Rants and Raves page.

24 SEP 03 * The tidbits of information I added to the Index Page was getting to long so I created a new page Interesting Tidbits. This is a very important page. I recommend all guests peruse it. Checked some links and generally tweaked the website. Please let me know if you find any “dead” links. Thanks and Blessings, Raven.

06 SEP 03 * Updated Spells Page with September information. Cleaned up some goofed-up pages. Added another webpage on “Things You Should Know”. Added tidbits of information to the Index page. Archived some pages in the Dungeon.

14 AUG 03 * Updated Spells Page with August information. Cleaned up some goofed-up pages. Added a Rave for NYC where people were helping each other during “lights out”.

28 JUL 03 * Adding more security to every page of the website and hoping that the computer ‘nerds’ will invent even better codes to prevent unscrupulous individuals (those without moral compunctions) from stealing information from other people’s webpages. I never cease to be amazed…

06-19-03 * Finally updated Spells page. Thanks for your patience. Will have LOTS of information regarding certain moving company in the future. Be sure to check Rants and Raves in a few months for that information. It could save you some headaches of your own. Did add some tidbits to June’s R&R page.
Still up to my boobies in boxes, and may be opening a franchise soon, but I will always find time to care for this website.
Thanks for visiting.
Blessings, Raven.

05-27-03 * I have been updating the pages as time allows. I still have mountains of moving boxes to attend to in addition to the regular daily chores.
It has come to my attention that some very naughty people are stealing my bandwidth by linking directly to items on my website. That isn’t very nice. Please see my Disclaimer Page on my website. Unfortunately, I will now need to protect all of my pages by putting that ugly gray box on them. Therefore, if you see any pictures or items you would like to copy to your own computer, please email me your details (name, email site, etc.) and I will try to accommodate.
If anyone knows of a better protection against bandwidth thieves, I would certainly like to know. Please email me and let me know how I can safe-guard my bandwidth. Thanks.

04-05-03 * Finally have my new computer and access to the Internet! Updated the May information on the Spells Page. Will have to do the June info later today. Am changing all of my pages email information. My new email address will be

04-04-04 * Hook-up to Internet via Insight is having a problem. I am having some "technical difficulties" with the computer. I think it is a problem with changing locations. At any rate, it wants me to reload my Windows software and that software is still with the sea shipment. Now I am awaiting the sea shipment which will be another week. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned.
Thanks. Raven

03-21-03 * Computer has arrived, but am now awaiting transformer. Computer won't work without it. Hopefully, I will be able to access computer in a few more days. Meanwhile, Happy Spring Equinox!!!
Cheers, Raven

03-03-03 * In transit awaiting computer on air shipment from Poland. Should be able to access in about 10 days. Please stay tuned.
Blessings, Raven

02-14-02 * I’ve been so busy working on the website, I haven’t had time to do the Update Page. Meanwhile, I’ve added at least three new pages since 01-27-03. There is now a forum to air their grievances for those who are also disgruntled with their step-parents. This can be found at Dungeon Tales. Just scroll down until you find Wicked Step Mother Tales. Or you can simply go to the “Wicked Step-Mother Tales” page.
Thanks to those of you who have contributed (Sue). I added the February 2003 Rants and Raves Page. Added the RGK Guest Articles forum I’ve been promising. At this time, there are three ‘Guest Articles’ to read. Changed some wording on the Dedication (Index) Page. Updated Spell Page Moon information for February and March 2003. Put new information on the Angel Page. Added a plethora or lists regarding 9/11 on my ‘9/11 Rants’ Page courtesy of John Kaminski.

01-27-03 * Added to January 2003 Rants and Raves Page. In process of adding copyright to each page. Added more tale to Wicked Step Mother Page and also added comments. Changed music on many of the pages.

01-17-03 * Added a new page called Hall of Nobles. See Topics. In process of adding copyright to each page. Added more to Wicked Step Mother Page and also added comments. Changed music on many of the pages. Changed background and added pics on Faeries Page. Removed more useless links.

01-08-03 * It is January 2003. May your New Year be happy, healthy and prosperous! I have been doing a considerable amount of updating the last couple of weeks. I updated the Spell Page adding February. Added new images to Faeries Page, Tarot Page, Main Page, and Dungeon Page. Checked links on all pages and eliminated the broken ones. However, if you find anymore broken ones, please email me. I have decided to remove links that do not reciprocate. I have made a few exceptions. Generally, these exceptions are artistic ones or ones I believe would be educational and empowering. Added January 2003 Rant with hyperlink to Dungeon. Wrote sorrowful saga about wicked stepmother. This is continually updated. Removed comment from Tarot page. Restored as many Rants and Raves Archive as possible.

12-28-02 * I just noticed that several of my archived Rant and Rave Pages are going to some kind of blackhole. I will have to work on these when I return to Poland in January. I have no clue as to what may have caused this, but will put them back up in a couple of weeks. I re-worded some sayings on the Main Page. Updated all copyrights to 2003. Added text to the Dungeon Page with horror 'faery' tale yet to be told about a very, very wicked stepmother. Generally 'tweaked' the website. Happy New Year to all. Happy Yule Season to all.

12-17-02 * Revamped Index Page. Added three new pages for the future –Dragon’s Lair, Dungeon, and Sorcerer’s Keep. They are also linked from topics. Added new quotes and pictures to Main Page. Added some text to Disclaimer Page. Also added a 9/11 Page accessible from Rants and Raves Page. It will soon be accessible from the Topics page. Updated Rants and Raves page and still working on the archives. The WebRing is still in hiatus. Hope to find someone to host it in the future.

12-04-02 * Updated Spells Page with December 2002 and January 2003 calendar/moon information. Updated November 2002 Rants and Raves Page and Rants and Raves Page, itself. Put the Polish cemetery pictures on the November 2002 R&R Page and deleted my rants about Fed Ex and DHL on the October 2002 Page. Anyone wishing to see that rant may email me for it.

11-19-02 * Updated Main Page. Put new pictures and sayings on it. Archived January 2002 through October 2002 Updates. Made an archive page for them. Added a hyperlink story about a raven and a camper to Hope For Hapless Critters Page.

11-06-02 * Updated Spells Page. No comment on the Mid-Term Elections for now, except to say it was very interesting to hear some voter in the Florida gubernatorial election tell how it took him 13 efforts to get the machine to register McBride instead of Bush. He said every single time he entered McBride’s name, the machine would say he was voting for Bush. Interesting…..VERY interesting….hmmmmmm…..

11-03-02 * Although much of it is completed, I am still updating my Rants and Raves Page. I decided it would be better for my guests if my rants and raves were archived to avoid incessant scrolling. I also added a “Tributes to Senator Paul Wellstone”. I removed the ‘expletives’ in my story about the day my Mother died. I added this story to the Wellstone tribute to help explain why I believe his boys asked Cheney not to attend. Added a new saying to the Main Page and fixed the hyperlinks on it.

To Archived Updates January 2002 through October 2002

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