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10-17-02 * Updated ‘A Simple Love Spell’ page in order to make it more easily understood. Updated Rants and Raves Page on 10-16-02 because I am a bit irritated at how tedious it is to get a Fed Ex or DHL package from an EU country shipped to Poland (near bottom of rants).

10-09-02 * Updated Moon information on Spells Page. Added a comment regarding the D.C. area sniper and the ‘Rev.’ Arthur Allen of Atlana, Georgia.

09-06-02 * Updated and edited Rants and Raves page. Updated Spells page.

08-23-02 * Updated Rants and Raves Page. Tweaked Index Page.

08-12-02 * Updated Moon information on Spells Page. Edited Rants and Raves Page and Main Page.

08-01-02 * Updated Dolmens, Ley Lines and Megaliths Page. Had to change the music because the fhornpip.mid wasn’t working. It just wouldn’t load. Been busy copying information to disk for future in case of any unforeseen emergencies. Removed Updates Page information for the years 2000 and 2001.

07-24-02 * Updated website. Working on securing all pages in case they need to be moved to another provider. Was shocked to see my FREE 50MB had been “down-sized” to 20MB. Has anyone else experienced this situation with Angelfire? If so, I would like to hear from you. Updated Moon information on the Spell Page. Added some stories to the Rants and Raves page. Tweaking everything and trying to safeguard my information. Will work on checking the hyperlinks later this week. Blessings, Raven

05-08-02 * Added a new saying to my Main Page. Added rant about Wingate cop to my Rants and Raves Page.

04-19-02 * Great news! My email address magick@yebo.co.za will remain viable until I chose to change it. Later today, I will be updating the Moon information on my Spells page to include June information. That should take me through the move to our next assignment.

04-14-02 * Fixed broken link on DragonsGate Keep ROM Page. Added two more sayings to Main Page. NOTICE—We will be doing a “home visit” to the USA the first part of May. Afterwards, we are heading to Belgium for a few weeks until we get a ‘go ahead’ for Poland, which could be the middle of June. I won’t have access to my site for that length of time. I will be checking emails, however. Actually, I will probably have to change my email address to my Yahoo email address which is: Email Raven :witch_magickal_one@yahoo.com until we are settled in our new ‘digs’. Please keep signing the guest book. I will answer your messages just as soon as I am able to. Thanks. Blessings, Raven.

03-24-02 * Added memo to Links Page explaining that banners can be seen on Banner Page. Added a hyperlink from Links Page to Banner Page. Added The Sword and the Chalice banner to Banner Page.

03-24-02 * Added memo to Links Page explaining that banners can be seen on Banner Page. Added a hyperlink from Links Page to Banner Page. Added The Sword and the Chalice banner to Banner Page.

03-21-02 * Added new webpage for my Harry Potter Essay. Added new music to Witch Code of Chivalry. The Links Page now has “Keep Talking” by Pink Floyd. The Harry Potter Essay page has Jewel’s, “Foolish Games”.

03-18-02 * Updated Main page, DragonsGate Keep page, Skullelection2000 page and added new hyperlink to Faeries page. Also added a new webpage for animals entitled, Hope For Hapless Critters.

03-07-02 * Put Esmeralda and Astro-Love on Spell page. Also tweaked spell page with underlines. Added Wheel of Year to Witches page. Added Fortune Teller and 8 Ball to Tarot page. Corrected buttons on The Fates page. Added Spiritualitea banner to Banners page.

03-06-02 * Updated Spells page for the months of March and April 2002. Added three new hyperlinks to the Witches Page.

03-05-02 * Added references to the ‘Site Map’ on Index and Skullelection2000 pages.

*02-28-02 *

* Important Update *

Many people have suggested that I remove my cute comet cursors (wands and dragons) from my website because, they contend, the cursors basically act as ‘spyware software’ and can cause spam mail to be sent to my visitors. I just thought that was another one of those urban legends. However, not wanting to cause any undo concern for the guests who visit my pages, I have removed all comet cursors from my Website.

02-24-02 * In order to provide better flow amongst the pages of the website, I have added more buttons at the end of each webpage. I have also just generally ‘tweaked’ the entire website. I also added important information to the Feng Shui page regarding calculations for Master Yu’s Four Pillars of Destiny.

02-13-02 * Added new picture to Skullelection2000 Page. The picture was a gift from Sabrina, an exceptionally talented artist. You can visit her wonderful artwork at Sabrina’s Lasting Impressions.

02-12-02 * Updated Feng Shui Page with new information regarding the February 12, 2002 Chinese New Year.

02-12-02 * Updated DragonsGate Keep Page with adorable picture of Noo Noo Dragon. A wonderful and whimsical gift from a truly gifted artist, Jessica Pretorius.

02-12-01 * Removed defunct Dragon WebRing from Feng Shui Page.

02-12-02 * Removed rant regarding lost luggage on Rants and Raves Page pending its arrival on Air France tomorrow.

02-10-02 * Added new page called-- DragonsGate Keep.

02-06-02 * Added new page called-- Banners. I made this page so that people can access one of my banners, as well as for placing banners from other sites so that the text on my Links page won’t get all knotted up with a combination of text and banners.

01-24-02 * Updated Rants and Raves Page.

01-13-02 * Updated Moon information on Spells Page.

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