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It should be noted that workings begun under Moon Voids or planetary retrogrades (especially Mercury) frequently DO NOT come to fruition or DO NOT work as planned. I have decided to start adding the v/c (‘void of course’ period when the Moon has made its last major aspect [angle] to a planet within one sign before entering another sign), and the am/pm times so that you will have this information at hand.

Please be aware that not all planting dates are appropriate for all types of plantings. Generally, First, Second and quarters are best for ABOVE ground crops, and Third and Fourth quarters for BELOW ground crops. Refer to an almanac or the Garden Section of Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book for more detailed planting information. Cheers, Raven.

The Druid Grove The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and

Earth’s Mysteries—Stonehenge and the Druids.

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For a really special treat, see Carol Strong’s
"Oz Wicca Newsletter for November" It is chock-full of interesting information about the month of November. She even threw in some cool spells.

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Travel to Inconstant Moon for a fun lunar trip. Be sure to bookmark my Spell page so you can come back and check out my spells.

NOTE: One can travel to Inconstant Moon, however, they will discover that it came to a stop around 2004 C.E. Some useful information may still be found at this site. It’s rather too bad because is was a very interesting site.

I recommend traveling to Moon Connection

If, however, you are interested in more detailed and complicated information, try
Sky View Cafe for some interesting lunar information and phases. Please come back to this website when you are finished. Many interesting topics still await you here. Thanks, Raven.

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    I have woven some spells for you. You may visit my ‘tapestries' at my Weaving Spells page. Always remember to "ground" yourself and be of sound mind and pure of heart when performing a spell or ritual.

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Some sage advice from Llewellyn’s:

(Newest entires are always added at the end.)

~ Here’s some good advice from the good people at Llewellyn’s: "Keep the blade of your athame in a sheath, or wrapped in silk, when not in use so that it isn’t tainted with random negative energies". It is also good advice for your wands. I put my metal wands in soil when not in use. It grounds the energies.

~ Knots guard against evil by "binding" it, hence the popularity of macramé hangings for protection.

~ Burn dragon’s blood incense to amplify your power prior to spell crafting.

~ Charge a magickal talisman by empowering it with your breath, sleeping with it under your pillow, or placing it in a natural vessel to be enveloped by moonshine.

~ To encourage the sale of a house, smudge the rooms with a mixture of cinnamon and bladderwrack.

~ Rue, ginger, or lavender strewn near bird nests protects the occupants from cats.

~ Wear hematite to increase personal magnetism. If carried in the pocket, it is also said to aid invisibility.

~ Wash scrying mirrors, crystal balls, and pendulums in mugwort tea to enhance divinatory abilities.

~ Storing a piece of sodalite with tarot cards encourages psychic connection and promotes the altered state necessary for accurate readings.

~ Should you have unwanted visitors come to call, turn the household broom so the bristles point toward the ceiling; unwanted guests will leave posthaste. ~ When burned as a smudge in the bedroom, peppermint brings prophetic dreams.

~ To protect children from accidents and mishaps, have them carry a small charm bag of wintergreen at all times.

~ A few grains of barley strewn under the door mat keep evil and negativity from entering the home. I believe it is also a good idea to put a line of sea salt across the thresholds of your home.

~ Borage flowers bring courage, motivation, and swift action to those who carry them.

~ Keep an acorn on the windowsill or use it as a window shade pull; it grants protection, especially from lightning strikes (or so they say).

~ To bring optimism during the dark winter, adorn your home with wreaths of evergreen and decorate with objects representative of Spring.

~ To bring good luck, use violets as a charm ingredient in a talisman or amulet; ask Aphrodite to bless her sacred flower.

~ When you are a recipient of honors, do as the Romans did—hang a laurel wreath on the door as a sign of victory.

~ Moldavite, a green meteorite found in only one area in the world, channels healing energy and aids communication with the higher self. I have a few of these stones that have been made into jewelry. I bought some of them when I lived in Poland. These are marvelous stones. They are so ethereal and make great talismans.

~ When the dark wintry days are over, celebrate spring by hiding decorated eggs, and serve sacred foods as part of the ritual feast including fish and sweet breads.

~ If someone outside your sacred circle touches your mojo bag or peers inside it, reconsecrate it with a purification ritual and dip it into anointed water.

~ Use a beech leaf in a healing amulet when you’ve been hurt too often in love.

~ In recognition of ancient Egyptians, burn the henna plant at sunset as incense to invoke the spirit of Ra.

~ For general prosperity, coat a red candle with honey and glitter; burn in tribute to Fortuna, who teaches us about life and luck.

~ For tender dreams of sweet love and a wedding to follow, fill your home with honeysuckle.

~ If you dream of a periwinkle, a spirit is looking out for your safety and well-being.

~ Open your heart in order to strive for your highest potential; drink from a chalice filled with red wine and envision yourself bathed in illuminating white light.

~ Use sweet pea oil in a gift presented to a best friend.

~ Cook with cumin: It helps to keep a lover faithful and maintains a peaceful environment at home.

~ If you sense danger while out and about, cross a bridge or wade through a stream as a protective shield: moving water cancels negative intentions.

~ When you see the new crescent Moon, kiss your hand in greeting to the Goddess for luck that month.

~ The rowan tree deflects evil energy and entities from the land where it grows.

~ It is said that if one catches a falling oak leaf before it hits the ground; make an unselfish wish and the Oak King will grant it.

~ For Samhain, use your jack-o’-laterns as they were intended: burn black candles inside them to frighten away bad luck and negativity.

~ Essential oil of gardenia is said to promote trust, love, and spirituality.

~ In Irish lore, if you are passed by fairies on All Hallow’s Eve, you should throw the dirt from your footprint after them, which will force them to free any humans they have taken captive.

~ To clear negative energy from a room, place a slice of onion in a bowl, cover it with vinegar, and leave it in the eastern quarter until the onion turns brown; toss the contents of the b owl into running water.

~ Moving into new living quarters during the waning Moon ensures that the time spent there will be peaceful. Of course, it is always wise to perform a cleansing ritual. Personally, I would suggest doing both a bosom or broom cleansing and a feng shui cleansing with rice and salt.

~ Save dried lavender stems, bundle them up, and throw them on a fire for a medieval-style natural aromatic room scent.

~ A favorite since the twelfth century, lavender water is a seductive perfume; splash it on

~ Create a magickal vessel/pouch that you can turn to whenever you are in need of comfort, sustenance, and vision; fill with aromatic herbs that you find pleasing to your senses. You might even add some precious and meaningful talismans to it.

~ To avert sorrow when a single magpie flies westward, Gypsy lore suggests you acknowledge its presence by saying, "Good day, Your Lordship"; for further protection against the winged messenger, leave an offering of food and a shiny object.

~ At a natural spring, touch the wather to your third eye to clear your inner vision and pay respect to the guardian of the place.

~ If a blackbird alights nearby and seems to look straight at you, pay attention to your dreams, for he is foretelling some news.

~ An abundant crop of berries on the holly trees foretells a harsh winter.

~ Carry vervain to smooth the way when you must meet with a foe whose favor you urgently require.

~ To protect against sorcery and demons, a horseshoe must be positioned with ends pointed downward; the ends should be pointed up for a good-luck charm.

~ Instead of words to summon the quarters in circle casting, try placing a feather in the east, a candle in the South, a bowl of water in the west and a stone , a crystal, or a bowl of earth in the north, to bring in the elemental powers.

~ Gently gather the dried bark from the oak-leaf hydrangea shrub in the winter months to be used in powerful protection spells.

~ Black is the color of binding, death, female power, and protection.

~ Geodes look like plain rocks on the outside, but crystals line their hollow interiors—perfect for childbearing spells. Another interesting note about geodes—their interior crystals always grow towards the North no matter which way it is tumbling inside the earth.

~ In Greece, purple is the color of royalty, secrecy and divine mysteries.

~ In Babylonian tradition, heliotrope is the stone of divination and invulnerability, sacred to the gods.

~ It is said that if you dream of an antique shop, you may wish to connect with your past, and you have choices ahead.

~ The hearth is the heart of the home, and hearth fires embody loyalty to family.

~ Monday is ruled by the Moon, overseeing such things as psychic work, fairy magick, peace, sleep, and the Goddess.

~ If you dream of a besom, you may need to create sacred space for yourself, or sweep your space clean.

~ Adding a quartz crystal point to any stone spell increases the power of the other stones and the charm itself.

~ Dream of a wand, and you’re dwelling on your active, inner power.

~ Wear multicolored agate jewelry for bravery and to bolster any healing work that you perform.

~ The tortoise figures in both Chinese and Japanese culture as a symbol of longevity and divination.

~ The unicorn, a fabulous one-horned beast, stands for virtue, purity, beauty, prosperity, and peace.

~ Wear carnelian to dissipate negative energies such as apathy, jealousy, fear, or rage.

~ Clove oil enhances sexual attraction and grants courage; wear it for success with the opposite sex.

~ Lions appear often in Greek art and mythology; the male indicates majesty while the female grants protection.

~ Magenta is a subtle color evoking intuition, change, and spiritual healing.

~ Essential oil of fennel encourages self-expression and communication.

~ Use sodalite in healing spells to reduce stress and aid grounding.

~ To honor Venus and attract love, wear rose, cedar or cypress oil.

~ Wear apple green when you need to face challenges; it energizes you and helps you see new opportunities.

~ Wearing lavender oil as a perfume eases the menopausal transition.

~ According to lore, philters, or love potions should only be concocted by a professional Witch.

~ Tying nine knots while chanting or visualizing the objective, such as buying a new home, is believed to result in a successful endeavor.

~ Dust taken from footprints, reputed to contain the essence of a person, may be used in magickal charms and spells. ~ At the New Moon, carve the rune Gebo (X) on a pink candle and burn it every night for two weeks to attract love and friendship.

~ Feathers tied to a talking stick will help participants in a discussion to speak with clarity and confidence when their turn comes.

~ When the wind is strong, go outside and let it blow your aura clean; better still if you can dance on a hilltop at the same time.

~ The belief that mirrors reflect the soul and must be guarded against lest the soul be lost has resulted in the custom of removing the mirror from a sickroom because the soul is more vulnerable during times of illness.

~ Tulips are aligned with the element of earth; they encourage good luck and prosperity.

~ Ranging in color from delicate pink to lavender, the stone kunzite relieves stress, especially in the workplace. ~ Orange is the color of opportunities and adaptability; wear it when you need a boost in imagination.

~ Geese stand for masculine power and fatherhood; serve roast goose a manhood ceremonies if you are not vegan.

~ It is said that avocados enhance love or lust; share one with someone special to you.

~ Wear malachite for success in business or gardening.

~ A spider’s web evokes the power of networking and connection, and is also a potent symbol of the Goddess. Personally, I’m not crazy about spiders, but will use their webs in many potions. I also read where they make great bandaids if you are caught in the "wilds" without one.

~ In magick, knots represent fidelity, wisdom, and true love.

(From Lillian-Too’s Feng Shui and some info I received at one of her seminars)--- If you suspect that your husband is being unfaithful, place a fairly large stone tied with red string under your bed, on the right side. Make sure the husband sleeps on the left side of the bed. This should make him come back to you very soon. Also, only have groups of "two’s", i.e., two hearts, two of anything in the bedroom and NO FLOWERS and stay away from the color peach on the walls, drapes, pillows, and bedding!!! Of course, it is fine to wear a sexy peach-colored night dress/pajamas.

Visit Llewellyn’s for other interesting information. Their link is on my "Links" page which can be found on my "Main" page. Just click on my "Main page" hyperlink at the bottom of this page.
I would like to recommend Llewellyn’s 2006 Magical Almanac to my guests. It is chocked full of interesting information. The ISBN number is: 0-7387-0150-5  


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