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Please bookmark this page and be sure to check out The Runic Converter and let Mikael help you write your name in runes. If you would like a runecast, visit The Runecaster which is a very neat and easy to follow site full of very interesting and useful information. The In The Midst Design runecasting page that I had highly recommended as it used three of my favorite references – Peschel, Aswynn and Blum apparently no longer exists. Try The Runecaster. I believe you will really enjoy it. Another About.com site to check out is Rune Stones/Freebies Guide Picks. It is another one of those About.com multi-faceted sites. There are excellent cross-references on this page to lead you into yet other mysterious realms. Another interesting site is Moondance Online Rune Casting. Although I prefer using the names as presented by Ralph Bloom, the meanings given in Moondance’s website are very good and the runecast is quite fun.


Unfortunately, as of 03-24-02, Moondance Shadoweaver’s site has simply ‘disappeared’ and entered the realm of the lost. Hopefully, it will be back up and running soon.

I have found another interesting one for you. Try Oswald The Runemaker’s site. It looks interesting. This site has links to other runic sites. Enjoy.
If you would like to try writing and translating in runic again, try Runes Through Time by NOVA’S Nicole Sanderson. Etruscans are mentioned on this site. Personally, I believe Runes have their origins with these people. Lots of other interesting information relating to Runes is on this website.

I have just perused another site that I think will be quite helpful in the writing of Runes for magickal endeavors. The pronunciation and spellings are, for the most part, consistent with the way I would spell them with the major exception of Wunjo. Balder simply uses the letter, “W”, whereas I would use the word “Wunjo”. For those of you who do not know what Wunjo looks like, it resembles the letter “P”. So, for great assistance in writing Runes, please visit Runes of The Elder Futhark by Balder.
~~~Note: This site is down. It said I should try www.triplemoon.com. I did, but it only said that it was coming soon. Too bad. This was a good one. You might be able to check the ‘cache’ in google for it.~~~
Well, I did check google.com and found the above site. It isn’t as good as it used to be because the graphics are not there. Perhaps when ‘triplemoon’ reconstructs, it will be back in all its former glory. Until then, I hope this helps.

For those of you who want to delve into diagrams and aspects of castings, give The Futhark You Tube a try. Once there, click on the other information provided. It has a lot to offer. I haven’t checked them all out as yet, but I intend to do so

I will research some new ones for you and then add their links here.
Here’s a new one to try on. Try, An English Dictionary of Runic Inscriptions in the Younger Futhark.
google.com has loads of sites on Runes. I would give them a look.

Travel there and come back often to see what I have added to my own site. Blessings, Raven...

Prosperity Bindrune

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