The Witches' Voice
Jeff Rense
Ladies of the Myst
Trans-Cultural Religious News
A Plethora of Pagan Graphics
Witches,Pagans, Druids
DeDanaan-- Beautiful Site With Lots of Celtic Information
Circle Sanctuary
Silverheart's Well Organized Cornucopia of Occult Information from A to Z
Mikael Helps You Write Your Name in Runes
The Witches Well --An amazing site!
A Mystical Grove
Pinkbeard's Celtic Graphics--Zoomorphics

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And now let's give a big applause for someone who cares about animals. . . Please visit this wonderful website
The Catered Canine-- Where Dogs’ Dreams Come True.
It is a great place to obtain all the things your dogs and puppies ever dreamed of enjoying on planet Earth.

Black Kat Herbals
Home of one of the nicest Wise Women I know.

Raven Design
Sorry, this link appears to be broken.

Branwen’s Magick Circle


Is an INCREDIBLE Midi Site, Especially for Irish and Scots-type of Music. Deserves A Visit. ***UPDATE***This site has simply disappeared from the Internet. No one seems to know where it went. Shame.

Llewellyn - New Worlds of Mind and Spirit
I have done business with them for decades and have never been disappointed.

Late Show with David Letterman

What more can I say? IT’S DAVE!!!

Legends, History of Ancient Gods and Goddess, Witches
An incredible website. If you are looking for pictures of ritual altar placements, oodles of SPELLS, and information on magickal herbals, legends, etc. Be sure to visit this website. Stop, enter and look around. You will be delighted that you did. Sadly, this link has disappeared. I am leaving it on here in case anyone might know where it went or if it changed its name. Please email me if you know what happened to it.

The Witches’ Lair—
”Secret writings from the Twilit Grotto---A collection of secret writings pertaining to the practice of "High Magic"
This is one of the topics on the

Spelwerx website.
This website is a definite –MUST SEE!!! It is easy to use and has a plethora of information pertaining the magickal arts. You will find it useful as well as entertaining.

The Witches Way
It’s Brilliant!!!

Spinning The Web
Lots of links regarding Avalon and the Goddess.

Feng Shui Research Center (Master Joseph Yu)
I recently attended his seminar on Flying Star and 4 Pillars of Destiny in Johannesburg, South Africa. Fabulous!!! (More about this later)
The American Healing Arts Institute (Elizabeth Moran)
The American Healing Arts Institute (Master Val Biktashev)
The American Feng Shui Institute (Master Larry Sang)
World of Feng Shui (Lillian Too)

Sabrina’s Lasting Impressions
Such an incredible collection of metaphysical and magickal artwork, as well as mundane works of art. It took my breath away when I first laid eyes on it. This is someone who is truly exceptionally gifted!
You need to visit her website for it will provide you with an incredible experience. Viewing her artwork is like glimpsing deity’s design. No kidding!

Welcome to the Catbird Seat!
For those who would like information on what is REALLY going on in the world, and for those of you who want to learn about who is pulling your strings this is a MUST see site!. It is quite interesting and informative with just the right amount of satire thrown in for good measure. I want you to visit this site.

The Inner Sanctum of Wicca and Witchcraft
A well known site on the web with a wonderful history. Intriguing…

Smiry Web Links
This is a very nice, thorough web directory. They even have equestrian listed.

EsteePinky’s Heartspun House
For those who would like information on copyright protection.
I just checked and this link results in a “Site Closed” statement. Wonder what happened?

Dream Weaver’s Place

This is a BEAUTIFUL and very informative site. You will find a very intriguing website with everything from SPELLS—OODLES of them-- to ‘star people’ on it. I discovered it whilst searching for a specific spell. I found many spells and will return to this website to peruse the other unusual topics he has there. He also has a nice Rune definition page. Seriously, it is chockablock full of interesting stuff. It’s worth a peek. I’m going back for more. Kenneth is as nice as he is helpful. Oh, and he also has an online store located at and an auction site located at

Frankly, if I had a loved one who was lost, I would seek help from a psychic . . . Also check out the other topics and items on the Malewitch website.

Phelan, Powerful Psychic
Atlanta based psychic can assist
you over the phone or online!
Call us Toll Free 1-800-330-5484 - Society Vertical Portal

This site must be defunct. It goes to a 404 Error page. I checked and other sites have eliminated it from their lists.

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I received a lovely award from Spirit and Sky. They said I had a “VERY relevant, on-topic site, and thank you for making the internet a better place!” Isn’t that precious?!?! Well a VERY big THANK YOU to Amy and the folks at Spirit and Sky. Please visit them at

Spirit And Sky 
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Spirit And Sky
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Spirit And Sky Top Site Award 2004
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