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APRIL 10, 2022

We are living in the DAYS of THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!

AUGUST 13, 2020

I tried to post the following on the compromised Facebook, but they would not allow it. They said it did not agree with their "Community whatever". Fools! So, what follows is very important information all should read because the time is short. Thank you.

No doubt this will be removed by FB [Although they should take care not to.], so I will be placing it on one of my personal websites and brighteon.com.

Well, Facebook [curses on them] would not let me post this. FOOLS

JUNE 7, 2020

Facebook would not let me display the following, so I am putting it on my paid for website because people need to know about SNOPES. The next time someone tells you they checked something on Snopes, you can go, "so what"? Actually, a formerly married couple were the people who were running the SNOPES site. They didn't have any actual training. Allegedly, the wife divorced her husband because he was spending a lot of their ill-gotten gains on strippers and porn stars. Snopes is not the best authority for truth. SNOPES EXPOSED - Heavily financed by George Soros ... Search domain independentstream.com/snopes-exposed-heavily-financed-george-soros/https://independentstream.com/snopes-exposed-heavily-financed-george-soros/

SNOPES EXPOSED. Snopes receives funding from an undisclosed source. The source is undisclosed because Snopes refuses to disclose that source. The Democratic Alliance, a funding channel for uber-Leftist (Marxist) Billionaires (George Soros etc.), direct funds to an "Internet Propaganda Arm" pushing these views. This was an option from duckduckgo.com

One of the articles offered by Independent Stream is titled, "SNOPES EXPOSED – Heavily financed by George Soros".

Please visit
Jeanne Baker Gateways

I do not know why the hyperlink takes one to a "Safari" dead ended page. Makes no sense since that page is my "home page" on my computer and works just fine. You may need to simply put in jeannebakergateways.com to reach my site.

MAY 1, 2020
FEBRUARY 18, 2022

I tried to post the following on Facebook, unfortunately, compromised Facebook said it did not meet its "Community whatever". FOOLS!!! So, I am posting the following here. Besides, one of these days, the music really is going to die, sadly. What follows is very important information all should read because the time is short. Thank you.


Thoughts. . .The rioters [POD PEOPLE] who want to destroy our country and its Honorable history, for yes, it is HONORABLE, need to take heed of what is said here. Yes, there was slavery in a long ago past, but at the same time there were always those in our country who opposed it! In the last century, many laws were enacted to help remediate many of the inequities.

Never forget our great and brave veterans of ALL races, who fought for our freedoms, some giving their last full measure to secure them for us! When Antifa/BLM (Baal~Lucifer~Moloch) evil maggots burn the USA flag, they dishonor these brave veterans, but that is what they are all about isn’t it?…no honor, no integrity, no respect, no sense, just destruction. They are being used and they don’t even know it.

America used to be called a “Melting Pot” of different races and cultures. We should embrace the good that different cultures bring, such as, food, arts, music, and storytelling instead of bitching about them and resenting them. Of course, maybe we don’t see the good on T.V., movies, and advertisements anymore because that would run contrary to the demonic Marxists’ agenda that controls Hollywood, mainstream news, liberal newspapers and many of our educational institutions. They would not want everyone happy, getting along and learning good things about each other! The Marxists and others with evil objectives do not want everyone working together for the betterment of our great nation. No wonder the Satanists balk at having the Ten Commandments in schools and visually available because they want corrupted individuals and organized groups stealing, pillaging, murdering and coveting other people’s property. All of which they will pay for with their souls.

In 2003 we returned home from our five years overseas as expats. I could not believe how “dumbed–down" Americans had become. Commercials on television were, well, meaner. For instance, the Allstate commercial where some guy called, “Mayhem” does wicked things and then tells people to call said insurance agency for a policy. I personally had a dreadful experience with Allstate in the late 1980’s, so I am not surprised they became even more diabolical. We are inundated with Big Pharma commercials that are not even allowed in most countries. Good manners, respect, and civility seem to have been forgotten or replaced with sleazy politicians, corrupt companies, and demonic behavior. Churches appear to be heading in a different direction, that is, more for themselves than for the glory of God. Fortunately, mine is not. You get my drift. Needless to say, there just seems to be a subtle sordid atmosphere of evil permeating society. Frankly, I believe it is intentional.

Currently, an odoriferous EVIL pervades some cities, towns, villages, and minds that carry with it a kind of Inquisition. These misguided demons who commit moral turpitude want to remove our freedoms, and history, certainly honor, and try to inflict on the rest of us the fears of a totalitarian state with state controlled edicts and all they entail. I suggest you study the history of Stasi East Germany. People were trying desperately to flee from East Germany, with few wanting to get into it. What does that tell you? By the way, do not trust China. I have been saying this for DECADES! The Chinese government cannot be trusted, and I believe that companies and private individuals who do business with China cannot be trusted either. In all actuality, we are already at war with China. We need to confiscate all Chinese assets in the USA, now. We need to imprison traitors who are in cahoots with China here in the USA. Some with “insider information” are saying we may be in a physical [HOT] war with China and Russia by the end of this year.

These misguided demons who are paid for by the likes of George and Alexander Soros, et al, want to deep six our Freedom, Honor and the Rule of Law, not to mention trashing our US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedom of Religion, Right to Protect ourselves, and to pursue our happiness.

Yes, these radicals want to impose a form of the Inquisition upon us, and by all that is Good, I KNOW the INQUISITION. I am WELL VERSED in what it wrought!

Fellow Americans, you do not want what these nefarious worms are attempting to illegally subject you to 'by hook or by crook’. You are not being informed, and it is much later that you realize.

We must FIGHT them with the Rule of Law and our Constitution, and if needs be, our God given abilities and assurances. We must take back our God given powers!

We are, and remain a mostly Christian nation. It’s time we started acting like one!

In explanation, the Spanish Inquisition emanated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1478 A.D., as well as other inquisitions begun 300+ years before that date. At their inceptions, they were little more than conduits for pure and simple coveting and greed. Hopefully, we all know the history. Fortunately, there are no longer any Inquisitions. The Vatican apologized for those times. Although it was begun by the Church, it was NOT SANCTIONED by God Almighty ~ the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

If you thieving destructive Marxists don’t like our country, its Constitution, Bill of Rights, moral ethics, history, Rule of Law, multicultural races, and our worship of God and Jesus Christ, then LEAVE!!! LEAVE!!! We do not need, nor do we want snake–oiled forked tongued communists, Marxists, and slimy slithering creeps here. We will not abide Traitors who are committing TREASON against our Republic! You are nothing more than pawns of the Devil! Seriously! George Soros, who funds Antifa/BLM [among other questionable and nefarious organizations] is a well known Satanist! No doubt his son, Alexander is, too. The fruits of Soros’s labors and those politicians, District Attorneys, and demonic people throughout this country and worldwide that Soros and his son support monetarily, have been exposed in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, and New York City, NY, to name a few. Definitely, their work is that of the Devil! Apparently, they are now training snipers. It would not surprise me if some liberal and well known officials or politicians get assassinated near the 2022 election in order to cull some sympathy and votes. Those who sacrifice and eat babies will certainly sacrifice their own to move their agenda, e.g., Lehman Brothers

Do you want to know how close we now are to revolution/civil war? The removal of all dissenting conservative voices from social medias is a good clue, and a precursor to what is coming for the rest of us. The very fact that mayors and governors in the states where all these riots are taking place do not imprison thugs is a good indication that they are certain that word has been given of a communist takeover. These traitors believe they will play an important part in the “new government". Actually, they will be the first to be shot. In fact, not only are these traitorous officials not imprisoning wrong doers, they are deliberately releasing hardened criminals onto the good people of their cities and states! Those who committed Treason in Washington, D.C. via the “Obamagate” fiasco are not being arrested or prosecuted even with all the evidence provided. Why is that? Because they know they can’t be “touched”. Ironic since a lot of them are pedophiles.

Humans should watch the 2004 reboot of the television show, “Battlestar Galactica”. Pay special attention to the war between humans and the cybernetic Cylons.

Friends, always be mindful of Ephesians 6:12 from the BIBLE. We really do wrestle with principalities and unseen evil spirits, inter-dimensionally and from other realms. Satan is real! Never doubt it. Of course, those lost souls doing these riots will never know because they burn the BIBLE along with the USA flag. I never trust those who burn books, especially those who burn the BIBLE.

In conclusion, God’s Grace has given me [like many others] certain “skills” to fight these unseen dastardly spirits from the Dark Side currently being called forth thru Stargates and Portals by our sworn enemies, Satan/Lucifer and his minions. We have the “skills” to send them back/dissolve them.

We are putting them on notice now to CEASE and DESIST!!! This is not the time. Continue at your PERIL!!!

Otherwise, you, foul, evil, smelly and disgusting demons will have awakened, not a dragon, but a Force so powerful, unflinching, and omnipotent, that it will permanently DESTROY you and the EVIL you slithered in on!

I pray those with a more eloquent tongue than mine take the meaning/gist of my words and explain this to others.

“JEDI KNIGHTS”, you know who you are, if you are ready to fight this Evil, gird yourselves with the armor of God. Prepare yourselves and grab your LIGHTSABERS.

It is time.

Veritas vos liberabit!

To be concise, the Ottoman Turks were defeated outside Vienna in 1683 A.D. Their empire crumbled completely after the two Balkan Wars in the early 20th Century. Now the world seems to be okay with a provocateur of Satan in the person of George Soros (and his minions) to completely reverse it. Just the other day (circa September 19, 2021), the President of China, Xi Jinping, said George Soros was "the son of Satan"! I have WAY more info than you would want to read, but please look up George Soros and his connection to OOCRP, AntAC (Anti-Corporation Action Center) and our State Department. Just wanted to raise awareness for those who have no idea of what is going on or how deep it goes. George Soros is behind (and funding) so many insidious things that I know most would be appalled if they knew. The man is evil incarnate. Thanks for listening.

I do not believe in coincidences. Did you notice the date of this incredibly decisive battle was September 11th?

Here is an interesting Internet article that tells about the Battle of Vienna in 1683 A.D.

Battle of Vienna

This link didn't work either. Don't know what is up with Safari, but you can reach it if you simply go to

kafkadesk.org and put it in their search box, or go to duckduckgo.com and put the address below in your address bar.


I was unable to link to Wikipedia, but they have a good article on the Battle of Vienna that would be worth checking out if you wish to know more. Also check out The Gates of Vienna.

It is my personal opinion that George Soros and the Cabal have tried to circumvent history and what Europeans did in 1683 by funding all the illegal immigrants who are invading Europe and the United States at this time. Such a pervasive Evil!

Watched a documentary on the late Papa Doc [Francois Duvalier] of Haiti today. A particular part intrigued me. When he took over power in Haiti, he didn't trust the army. He then emptied the prisons and had these goons pledge allegiance to him. They, in a sense became his Praetorian Guard [Tonton Macoute]. They committed gross numbers of atrocities. My first thoughts were how elites in power in this country are releasing dangerous prisoners. Some of these prisoners have even committed murders since being released. Many including myself wonder why all good people are being jailed in our homes whilst prisoners [some clearly evil ones] are being freed. My next thought went directly to George Soros. I guess it is because he can pay for them i.e., it is well known that he hires goons to incite riots, therefore, it is only a small leap forward to believe he has paid 'officials' to release these prisoners. Maybe George Soros is forming his own Tonton Macoute. It's highly possible. Another connection to the evil Papa Doc is Soros' penchant for Satanism. Explains a lot. Anyway, here is an interesting site to check out if you're interested in learning more about Soros, Committee of 300, et al.

Successful Recovery Efforts Prompt Service Proposal to Delist Gray Wolf



I will be updating many of the pages on this website after the Holidays. I need to get rid of some of the extraneous verbiage. Meanwhile, hope you all have many happy holiday moments.
FEBRUARY 18, 2017

JUNE 7, 2013

Successful Recovery Efforts Prompt Service Proposal to Delist Gray Wolf

Please do what you can. Thanks.

Basically, this guy thinks they can give the go ahead to kill wolves. The man’s name is Dan Ashe. I am going to check to see if he has “ties” with ranchers in the West and/or any dealings with those that wish to kill wolves. I will also check with Defenders of Wildlife to see what their take on this is. Meanwhile, please send messages to this ah, person, Ashe, and tell him ~~~

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012

By Jeffrey Smith

April 16, 2012


I was very angry with some of the people in the West that were/are killing wolves, however, not enough to put them through the pains of Fracking that is going on in their backyards! Everyone should look this up and see what is happening out there. It is also going on in eastern Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, and elsewhere. What a mess! Talk about polluting the land! Among other things, these people, animals, flora and fauna are being poisoned! So sad.

The "locust" are in control!

February 5, 2012

September 23, 2021

Talk about KARMA. The western USA has a horrific draught at this time. Shame. Stop killing wolves!!!

In case you are interested (and why wouldn't you be), they are killing wolves in the western states of the USA. go here: Defenders of Wildlife/Wolves Please do what you can. Thanks.

They are killing (gunning down) wolves from the air in Idaho. Idaho is going on my rug!!!

I've also boycotted Idaho potatoes!!! Howling For Justice

And of course, there is always my Defenders of Wildlife/Wolves

The recent tornados in the Southland (including Joplin,MO) are man-made via HAARP and CHEMTRAILS!!! Be smart! Research it!!!
Addendum: I believe Hurricane Irene was manipulated to ravish the State of Vermont, as well. I'm not saying why here, but I'm very certain that it was.

Blessings to all!

September 7, 2011
I cannot believe that the 2012 Almanacs are already on the newsstands!

March 21, 2012

In case some of you don't make it to my 911 Rant, what follows is the most succinctly worded truth of what happened on September 11, 2001. Please investigate from this man's information. As stated elsewhere in this website, I was over 7,000 miles from home watching on a television in another country. My husband and I could tell ALL of the towers were "pulled", i.e., brought down by controlled demolition! Towers 1 and 2 were also hit with a directed energy weapon from the Woolworth Building across the way from them. I also contend that Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Jr. (probably Sr. as well), Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, et al were behind this nefarious plot that came to fruition. Don't be so naive as to believe your country's leaders would not stoop to such evil purposes, even it if meant the deaths of fellow countrymen.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

It appears youtube took this down, but I believe it was a youtube by Jim Marrs. I have since found this video on Brighteon.com. It is called, "911 Truth: 10 Minutes with Jim Marrs. I tried to link it, but it wouldn't work. Jim passed away a few years ago. They say it was cancer, but the Cabal probably gave it to hiim. It is a shame youtube took this video down because Jim Marrs was a brilliant and prescient man. I enjoyed all his books, but one in particular, "The Fourth Reich" should be read by everyone.

Youtube will fail!

October 13, 2010

What the ever happened to:


I am SO weary of corporate "heads", special interests groups, and secret organizations trying to "run my country"! Although my family has weathered these times well, there are way too many folks in this country who are struggling just to EAT!!! And what do we have? We have a few super wealthy worms trying to get even more money and power by "buying" the elections! And, the Supreme Court gave these rich despicably wicked entities carte blanche to do so. That's just crazy! What ever happened to statesmen?
Someday. . .

If I had been called before the McCarthy-ites in the early 1950's (House On UnAmerican Activities), I would have named Joe McCarthy and each of his minions (They wanted people to name names.) right after I blasted them with the laws in the U.S. Constitution!!! Bastar_ds! It is gross and disgusting to watch such behavior, but gee whiz---we are witnessing it again in 2010 and 2011. Sometimes I wonder if any of these people were truly "educated" in our educational system, and if they were, it has truly failed us as a nation! We have become a nation of

Hi again! This last week in, THE WEEK, I read where Bulgaria is giving passports for thousands of non-European Union foreigners to work in Britain when the country joins the EU next year and get all their “juicy” goodies. And, Romania opens ‘back door’ for thousands of Moldovans to claim benefits in Britain. You can read more about this at: Telegraph.co.uk, Bulgaria opens back door to EU with give-away passports bonanza,

and at Telegraph.co.uk, Romania opens back door for thousands of Moldovans to claim benefits in Britain

If Romania can give out passports in this manner, why couldn’t HUNGARY give out passports to all the HUNGARIANS “exiled” since WWI and WWII, i.e., HUNGARIANS residing in the western part of Romania that was actually a PART OF HUNGARY (belonged to HUNGARY), but given to Romania after WWII! Why not, I posit?
Hey, wait a minute, if I had read the entire article, I would have seen this:
Hungary recently changed its laws to allow ethnic Hungarians throughout Eastern Europe to claim its citizenship.
COOL!!! You rock, HUNGARY!!!

The other day, I was surfing the web and saw where the US government has been doing some mysterious things in the old city of Babylon. Of course, with my interests in archaeology and history, it intrigued me. Later I read where they have been allegedly destroying archaeological sites and that made me mad.

Well, tonight I believe I know what they were looking for---Manna--or Monoatomic Gold. They were looking for tablets on how to make monoatomic gold. That is why it is all "hush-hush". I'll have more later.
Blessings, Raven.


With all the talk about global change and NWO, I would like to see the Hungarians (Magyars) get back the lands they held prior to 1914 C.E. Oh, ya! Let's see--for example--nearly the entire western half of Romania was Hungarian.
Some of the peoples living there still claim to be Hungarian--no lie! Just look at the history of Cluj Napoca for instance. If that poor excuse for a ruler--Mugabe--in Zimbabwe can claim land, then so can I!!! I am a Hungarian Princess (back when they had them).

Clearly, someone didn't want this known. So, here it is for my informed visitors:

I have seen pictures of and driven by the FEMA camps.

I have observed chemtrails growing in number and sprays since 1999. They are in other countries I have lived in. These are not contrails--they form cirrus clouds filled with all kinds of chemicals--hence their name. Are they helping us or eliminating us? If they are helping us, then why won't anyone tell us what they are and why we have them? Interestingly, I went to NOAA's cloud website and they actually showed chemtrails but called them "contrails". Amazing!!! Just more government lies being told!!!

After Tesla died, "people" went into his dwelling and removed all of his papers. Why?

The reason we are filling our automobiles, etc. with gas is because of the oil corporations, i.e., the greedy worms involved with them.

I know you all don't want to hear this, but most of the problems we are having at this time are due to unscrupulous corporations and their hench men, i.e., lobbyists who bribed congressional peoples to make laws in the favor of those who would thumb their noses at our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights! I was overseas when congress passed the two Patriot Acts. I kept shaking my head saying, "WTF"?!? Why did the American people let them get away with that? I told my son, who wanted to enter an officer's school after college, that I knew Bush (in his 1st term) would put us into a war. Thank goodness he took my advice and went on to graduate school. I abhor the Taliban but knew the real reason why Bush and Cheney wanted to go into Afghanistan. Hint--it has to do with an oil pipeline! And, YES, they, Wolfowitz, et al, and the PNAC were behind the destruction of the World Trade Center (among other things). I was over 9,000 miles from the United States of America when that happened, and I knew it then! Why is it so difficult for people to get (grasp) that!?! Oh, and btw, Cheney murdered Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife and daughter, et al. I’m betting Blackwater had something to do with it. Wellstone’s sons knew this and that is why they didn’t want him at the funerals! Investigate this and prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cheney didn't!!!

What is Blackwater up to at this time? Who is paying them? Is it still Erik Prince? I do know that the American taxpayers are paying a heck of a lot of monies to them. Our state department is paying them as well. They are probably getting ready for “martial law” so as to put us in those camps. Only a fool would boohoo those FEMA Camp rumors at this point in time.

Blackwater is not a group of American patriots! They are a militaristic group for hire that is composed of thugs and mercenaries. It sucks that our soldiers are paid a pittance compared to Blackwater operatives!

Personally, I am taking steps to prepare for what is coming. It would be prudent for others to do so. Think positive thoughts, but be prepared for whatever comes. Good Luck! Oh, btw, aliens (the off world kind) have been here for a very long time. MONSANTO is evil!!! Just anagram the name and see for yourself.

Trust No One!!!

Okay. I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. The Freemasons are not to be feared! Get that!?!

In days of old, they were the one group that kept the church from taking over reasonable thought---reasonable thinking. SERIOUSLY!!!

If you think anything has changed in 1500 years, you are SERIOUSLY mistaken. Churches--- (There’s just many more labels for them now.)--- are still trying to influence your judgments. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for belief in our lives. What I AM saying is that who would want to live in another DARK AGE of history? Well, I certainly don’t want to. I am a scientist by education. I appreciate science. Frankly, I believe both in evolution and divine intervention, but that is neither here nor there. We need to have a group of people that maintains a constant level of sobriety and learning on this planet. Look what religions have wrought us. I’m not a fan of the NWO and other organizations such as that, but the Freemasons are on the side of us all. “They” (those who would control us like sheeple) would like nothing more than for the good citizens of the world to eliminate their rivals--the Freemasons. When the Freemasons and scientists gained a footing in history and were no longer completely being burned on stakes or left to rot in dungeons by the church, we called it the Age of Enlightenment for goodness sake. Why do you think they called it that? THINK!!!

Don’t be fooled.

Be careful who you disparage. They may just be the ones who are your best hope! Oh, and think about this? If “they” can get the citizens of the world, especially the USA to eat canola oil, drink the “kool aid”, and eat diet products such as aspartame, then they can make you do anything. (See below comments on canola oil.)


Look what I discovered on the Internet at Crop Circle Connector
It is a glyph in a field of rape. It is telling humans not to ingest Canola Oil because it will HARM you!!!

May 1, 2009~~~~~~ BELTAINE!!! and MAY DAY!!!

Guess this is a good time to report on something I was reading regarding Russia.

. . .In 2003 Khodorkovsky's shares in Yukos (his oil company) passed to Jacob Rothschild under a deal they concluded prior to Khodorkovsky's arrest.. . . Well, well, well. Doesn't it just figure that Jacob Rothschild would be the one to whom Khodorkovsky's shares in Yukos would be "passed to"!!! Un-frakking believable!!!

For those of you who don't know who Khodorkovsky is, he was the richest man (worth around $16 billion at his zenith) until he was arrested for alleged and unproven crimes in Russia.

This was Putin and well, the Rothchilds' (and you know what else's) cabal in action. Khodorkovsky probably wasn't a perfect person, but he did a lot of good things for Russia. I guess Putin didn't want any part of that competition!!!

They will keep him in jail until he can't do anything to reclaim his monies, or until he dies!!! Can't have Mother Russia becoming too democratic or capitalistic!!! And don't you just love it that it has to do with the oil business? I smell Cheney's pitchfork in this somewhere!!!

And whilst I am on the subject of money, WHERE THE H*LL DID THOSE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS GO WHEN THEY WENT TO EUROPEAN BANKS?!?!?!?!?!? This wasn't money we were giving away to poor countries. We sent BILLIONS of DOLLARS to foreign banks. WTF!?!?!?

When are the good “POINTY HAT FOLKS” going to “fix” everything and make it “right” again? Seriously, when? Don’t you think it is about time? Yeah, sure there may be some blowback, but don’t you think it is time? SERIOUSLY!!!

March 8, 2009 Just thought you all would like to know that McDonald’s (at least in my hometown (They advertised it in the local paper for goodness sakes!) has added canola exclusively to ALL of its products!!!

Well, I will not be getting food there ever again!!! Didn’t much anyway, but certainly not anymore!!!


And yet they keep convincing the American people that it is good for you. Well, maybe if you are a Reptilian!

Don’t believe for one moment that those “false flags” saying canola oil [rapeseed] is okay for you are true. It is harmful for man, beast and birds.

They want you to believe it is. IT IS NOT! That crap is horrible for human, animal and bird consumption. It is probably poisoning our oceans via spills and second hand offal. I am absolutely certain of it. I haven’t used the stuff since 1995 c.e.

Especially avoid it if you are suffering from a condition known as fibromyalgia.

Those who have the power and monies to do so want you to believe it is safe. IT IS NOT SAFE!

Check out who says that it is good for you. That should enlighten you.

No, canola oil is cheap, period.

Do not believe it is anything other than that it is DANGEROUS FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION OR EVEN PUT INTO YOUR COSMETICS. If you want to risk yourself and your families? Go ahead, but you’ve been warned. Enough said.

Just a reflection on November 22, 2008:

One would think that a people (U.S. citizens) who have seen the murder of no less than four (possibly six) members of one family (one of which was the President of the United State) would question.
It never ceases to amaze me that the people of this country simply believe whatever they are told. Stupid. This kind of stupidity is what is leading us all down the rabbit hole to servility.

Check this out: JFK Telling Us 911 Truth

February 20, 2009

Just thinking about a few things today.

I remember when I was overseas back in September of 2001 and questioning the HUGE RE-DIRECT from the anthrax distribution. That was when it cinched it for me, i.e., that I KNEW the PNAC was behind 911. Later, I came to believe that the attack on the Cole was also part of their devious and heinous work. It amazes me that so many Americans can’t seem to wrap their brains around it. Those were/are very evil people and sometimes evil people run countries--even ours. Fortunately, some of the really bad ones are no longer in power now and need to be put into jail.

Don’t forget the commandment to “Love Thy Neighbor”!

And, to “Do onto others and you would have them do onto you.”


The problem with most preachers today is that they are diabolically sowing seeds of hatred and fear. They seem to be filled with the Evil Spirit instead of the Holy Spirit!

Not all of them—just some of them. Of course, according to their own “good book”, they will be judged more harshly than any sinner. HUBRIS!

Why don’t you hate spreaders try sending out messages of LOVE for a change. Remember: You reap what you sow!

Have you heard that the Chinese are planning on going to the moon? Well, wrap this thought around your brain. If they are on the moon, how easy would it be for them to disable our satellites?

Check this out!

Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble Part 6: This world is led by 4-star clowns, liars and frauds By Karl W. B. Schwarz

Oh, yeah! Do you believe me now!

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al should be brought up on charges of high crimes and misdemeanors (actually felonies)!!! Let’s wait until they are out of office in January and then get them!

I have stated all along from the time the buildings were hit that it was an inside job, probably implemented by the PNAC!

Anyone else worried about the disappearance of the bees? Right, well I have a very logical answer. The bees are dying and/or disappearing because of MONSANTO --Amon Saton or (de)mon saton? You play with it and see what you come up with.

And, dear God in Heaven, the POD PEOPLE in my village have let Saton (earthly spelling of Satan) in. The END is near!



I just read that the organic bee keepers are not experiencing the colony collapse like the pesticide ones. Great news! Anyway, among other diabolical things, they are introducing new GM seeds that produce a different (in some cases--very different) form of flower. These bees are then destroyed because they haven’t had enough time to adjust evolutionarily. Also, the pesticides that Monsanto puts on the earth could be a contributing adjunct reason.

Here’s the thing. Monsanto is crossing moths with potatoes, rice with HUMAN DNA, etc. They are going to attempt to control ALL of the seeds in the world. Why?

If you want to control the world under one aegis, then you will need to control the:


In other words, a one world globalization!

for more information and for a spell to help the wolves.

The World According to Monsanto

You really do need to see this video! There are smaller and better viewable versions, but you will have to keep moving the videos forward every ten minutes or so. Just check Google and You Tube.

When you are through reading all of this, be sure to duckduckgo.com:
concentrations camps being developed for US citizens. You Tube:The Alien Giant concentration camps built in USA America

Crazy Stuff!

They all ready are using new “detainment centers” in Texas and elsewhere right here in the good “ole” USA. Why? Not all of the inmates are from “south of the border”!

Listen, I know a lot of people are blaming the Free Masons, and that is just wrong and well, stupid. The Masons were the ones who studied the sciences when it was dangerous and illegal in some cases to do so. These are not your enemies. Your enemies are a cadre of people in the ‘shadow government’ who are evil, diabolical monsters. They don’t follow science, religion or anything other than greed, and monstrous ideology and Satan. They want to get everyone CHIPPED and controlled. Sure, they are reaping the benefits of science but are then turning it against mankind.

Oh brother! I just read more stupid stuff on the Internet spewing out more nonsense such as the ‘grail code’ site. Look, you can’t believe all that nonsense about the Templars worshiping the devil, abusing the cross, etc. This crazy stuff was gleaned during the torture of the Templars who were captured in 1313 C.E. If you were having a hot poker shoved up your butt, you would probably say almost anything, too. Forget this crap! They were knights, period! The King of France, the Phillip IV, owed them enormous quantities of money. He simply had most of them disbanded and murdered. When you read the nutty stuff people say about the Knights Templar, just keep in mind the hot poker being shoved up their butts and think about what you would “confess”!
Regarding the bloodline--that’s probably true. This is why it is so dangerous to read these things. They use half-truths to lure you in and then throw in their own preposterous lies.

People need to quit consuming the “Kool” aid! People, you need to quit using anything and everything that contains artificial sweeteners. I know the diabetic people would take umbrage with that, but get over it. You, especially, need to quit the stuff. Try something organic instead, or just eat fruit like they did in the Bible. Try limited amounts of honey or pure maple syrup.

“They” will lie to you and dumb you down at the same time. There is substantial evidence (check out “The World According to Monsanto”) to see how FAKE SUGARS QUITE LITERALLY DUMB PEOPLE DOWN! “They” also know that Americans (most European countries and RSA [Republic of South Africa] will not allow bad stuff into their foods like we seem to allow) We are very gullible! I can still remember my very intelligent Mom holding up a box of Duncan Hines cake mix in circa 1960 or 1961 and asking, “What the heck is, ‘high fructose corn syrup”?” Buy old cookbooks before 1960 C.E. and cook from them.

Personally, I believe this is one of the reasons so many people are overweight in this country. They are not in many of the other countries I have visited where high fructose corn syrup is banned or used minutely.

We need to get that and other junk out of our foods, such as MSG (no need for it) and the diet sugars. BTW, look up all the names they use to disguise the fake sugars in your foodstuffs. Check this out: ”Old Version” The Dangers of Aspartame (Sweeteners, E951, Sugarfree, Diet)

If you are lucky, you will see the video I watched on the dumbing down of America!

Some actually believed their alleged president when he said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Maybe it is because they were dumbed-down by the “kool aid”, fluoride, or given the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they still believed in honor. Of course, I, and many of my friends who do not use that crap, knew he was lying. Now they know that they can lie and lie to the American people and many will defend the liars! Amazing...don’t these dummies read history, check the facts, know they are being lied to? Hey, here’s something for you to think about--What if Jim Jone’s Temple was a testing ground for the kool-aid laced with aspartame. Maybe these people had been drinking it for quite awhile and that got them to move to to the jungle without question. Then they took the kool-aid without question. Of course, these monsters weren’t going to trust it to just anything---they had people with guns making those that wouldn’t drink it, drink it.

It said on the aforementioned video that Reagan dismissed those that wanted more information before okaying aspartame. I believe it has been one part of the plan all along--get people sicker, and definitely dumbed-down.
Jim Jone’s kool-aid was consumed in 1978 C.E. Donald Rumsfeld was President of Searle in 1977-1985 C.E. and had aspartame before selling it to Monsanto.

Ronald Reagan became USA president in 1980. I never trusted that guy!
Okay, you don’t believe me? Then you do the math and research!


I was only speculating that Jim Jones was a mind control trial for apartame! Check this site out! The Swirl & The Swastika: NutraSweet, the NutraPoison

And when you scroll down and see the Monsanto Logo in black and white, you can clearly see the HORNS!!!
I told you they were evil!!!

It is even creepier when you find out your assumptions are CORRECT! Geez!

Okay, here are a couple of more sites you need to see regarding sweeteners. It is vital for your health. Do you want to feel better? Don’t expect your government to tell you the truth. NOT! If you don’t believe me, follow the money!

David Oliver Rietz’ DORway to DISCOVERY
and David Oliver Rietz’ website


Researchers have recently found the artificial sweetener xylitol found in many sugarless gums to be life-threatening to dogs! If a dog eats it, the result could be a life-threatening drop in blood sugar, followed by liver failure. As little as one pack of gum with xylitol, or two muffins made with the sweetener can be fatal without immediate treatment!

These sweeteners are NOT a good thing!

I didn’t vote for those people and I don’t follow their evil ways! Perhaps it is because I don’t drink or eat their “kool-aid” and likewise products, but I can also tell when someone is lying to me and is inherently EVIL!
They really must be dumbing people down!

OMG, you have got to see this: The Lexington Comair Crash, Part One: The Hand on the Data Stream by Alex Constantine, and read about Fenton Dawson and Affilliated Computer Services linked to the Keating Five and S&L’s. Oh yeah! I always hope I board a plane where no one is getting “offed”. If that link doesn’t work, just search Fenton Dawson. I actually remember when this happened. I figured it was a “hit”.

Here’s something for you to think about. I have always wondered why we do not have economic relations with Cuba. Seriously! 54,000 of our citizens died (not to mention the mentally and physically wounded ones) in Vietnam. We have a consulate in that country. Still, after nearly 50 years, we don’t have “relations” with Cuba. What is the real reason behind this? I’ve been reading some interesting information about South Africa. Travel to Behind The Third Boer War by Anthony C. Lobaido and see for yourself. And I quote: In 1991 George Bush, Sr. sent 300 CIA agents to Pretoria to assist De Klerk [sic Apartheid government] in betraying the nation to the ANC terrorists. Bush even has a display at his Texas A&M Library promoting his foreign policy achievement of this betrayal.

And, [sic you’re gonna love this one]:
Behind The Third Boer War by Anthony C. Lobaido. I quote: In the end, "The Third Boer War" challenges the reader to ask many difficult questions. Most prominent of these is the nature of white supremacy and its 21st century agenda. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro -- a big fan of Afrikaner military supremacy -- has recently stated that the [sic my emphasis]Western-led, one-world global economy has its roots in the Nazi Holocaust. Castro has even requested to hold Nuremberg style trials for the white, transnational corporate elite of the Western World.

Just a note: I know that no one is without their ‘dark side’, but personally, I like Nelson Mandela. Whilst living three years in South Africa, I found that almost everyone liked him--even the most ardent Afrikaners. The laws and government before the ANC were corrupt, too. They tended to be quite stultifying.

Still, one has to wonder why we have consulates in countries we have been at war with and still none in Cuba. Why? It truly begs the question, Why?

I am friend to those who guard the Gates. Knowledge is offered here. Partake, if you are pure of mind and senses, and unafraid...

RavensGate Keep Realm of Mystery is designed to enable seekers toward their own self-knowledge and empowerment as well as to familiarize them with otherworldly realms. RGKROM contains monthly Moon information, interacting graphics, runes, faeries, dolmens, ley lines, megaliths, the Fates, tarot, feng shui, angels, Knights Templar, 911, crispy quotes,secrets, guest articles, links and hyperlinks to other great sites and lots more.

Hey, I was refreshing myself on some information about the late Senator Paul Wellstone. I was reading this:
Apparently, it never “took” or I removed it because of the nasty anthropomorphic reference to wolves. Or, maybe the people who wrote it or are revealed in it took it out. I was just surprised to see the hyperlink had been removed. Interesting.

But first let me warn that who ever wrote this article denigrated wolves in comparing them to the reprobates that perpetrate these vial deeds. Personally, I found it offensive and reprehensible. However, I believe it is so imperative and vital to get this information to the general masses of people that I am going to go ahead and link it at this time. I do hope [and I will bring it to their attention] that the author(s) will correct this prejudice and anthromorphication of the wolves.
What's most chilling about this series of identical assassinations [They are referring to Mel Carnahan, who was running for the Senate seat in the US Congress.] that it demonstrates the sheer brazenness and boldness of the operations of this shadowy group of private clandestine intelligence operatives [my emphasis], currently buttressing Bush. It’s as if they are feeling out their limits of carte blanche with the press and the American people and finding they have no limits. - Seeing how much we will take - And finding that there is no limit to how much we will take and how much we will let them get away with. As for whether there will ever be a mention of their operations in the major media... Apparently not. from this article:
SENATOR PAUL WELLSTONE ASSASSINATED BY COVERT US TERROR GROUP LINKED TO BUSH by VoxNews. Like Cheryl Seal, I was/am certain Senator Wellstone, his wife (They had to make sure they’d get her so the same thing wouldn’t happen that happened when Carnahan beat John Ashcroft and Carhahan’s wife took the Senate seat in Congress.), daughter, et al were murdered. Just a note --- Wellstone’s “whole family” was not murdered in the plane crash. He had two surviving sons left at home. They requested that Dick Cheney NOT attend their memorial services for their parents and sister BECAUSE THEY KNEW HE HAD WARNED THEIR FATHER JUST TWO DAYS BEFORE THE PLANE CRASH. THEY CORRECTLY SUSPECTED CHENEY OF BEING BEHIND THEIR PARENTS’ AND SISTER’S ASSASSINATION.

And, it hit me that perhaps that ‘secret army’ Bush has that is called, Blackwater had something to do with their demise! It’s possible. Wellstone was warned two days before his plane crashed that he’d better do what the Bush administration wanted and vote yes for the war in Iraq “or Minnesota would be very sad.” This was what Cheney told Wellstone!

I, for one, am going to “refresh my rug”!

Update: I just had one of those crazy epiphanies that come supernaturally. At the very least, Senator Wellstone, et al, and John Kennedy, Jr., et al were killed (murdered) by Blackwater. Oh brother! They were probably involved with the 911 day and all its disasters. Did you know Marvin Bush’s security business was in charge of the WTC towers, etc. AND Dulles Airport? Marvin Bush is dubya’s brother via Securacom.

Addendum December 4, 2012~~I wrote this on my Facebook page several weeks ago. I'm sharing it here because it is relevant to the previous paragraph.

~~~Look, I'm going to go out on the proverbial limb here yet again, but I believe people need the truth. This was a Blackwater/XeServices operation orchestrated by them to smear (or otherwise try to discredit) the President right before elections. It backfired on them, as did the “SuperStormSandy” which was manipulated by them. For those of you who are unaware, Blackwater/XeServices is a for hire mercenary military organization owned by one Erik Prince, who for various reasons has left the country (USA). In my opinion, he is a Nazi in the genre of the Nazi, Heinrich Himmler, who was head of the Gestapo. (You may want to familiarize yourself with Himmler to get an idea of what I mean by this.) Prince is a militant, far right-winger who has very definite ideas of what he wants for the world. Note: I said world, not just the USA. I suggest you read a very, very interesting book by Jeremy Scahill called, “BLACKWATER, THE RISE OF THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL MERCENARY ARMY”. It is riveting and eye-opening. I dare you to read it cover to cover. Seriously, it will be a bit difficult to read, especially if you favor far right fundy-winged rhetoric. It is, nevertheless, an important book to read. Personally, I believe when the investigators did deep enough, they will discover the plot. However, I doubt we mere citizens will ever be informed of it. Good reading, then...~~~

Feel like you have fallen down the “rabbit hole” yet?
If not, go here: Marvin P. Bush Exposed video

Even though he had left the company a year before, no doubt he (in fact, all the Bush’s) were involved!

Here is another excellent and legit site: Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth and this one about the Federal Reserve Federal Reserve

YOU MUST SEE THIS WEBSITE! The World According to Monsanto It just gets better with each part. If you get confused, just click on the thumbnails on the bottom of the video screen and try to follow along.

Now I am going to tell you something you probably won’t believe, but I just KNOW it is true! I believe Monsanto is trying to take over the seeds of the world and control our food supplies worldwide! The chemtrails are spewing their “patented” GMO transgenic seeds to change the composition of the DNA of the 10,000 years old corn and other grains that have been kept safe from contamination. How do they do this? Well, it is my belief that they don’t want to leave anything to chance, so they are spewing it from the air via chemtrails, as well as conventional means. Maybe they are just in a hurry. This is affecting grains that had not previously been contaminated. All of this is affecting the honey bee. This is INTENT! THEY HAD TO KNOW that the honey bees would not be able to handle the new GMO of genetic types of seeds. It is fundamental and it is called --EVOLUTION!!!---that and those numerous pesky microwave towers.

Do the words POD PEOPLE come to mind?


I studied the Hopi and Zuni Native Americans several years ago and knew they had at least 40 different varieties of corn. I am wondering if they still have corn that is not contaminated!

If you watched the video, you will be aware that Monsanto has been buying up all the seed companies in the world. Hmmmm....why do you suppose they are doing that? I know, and it is my hope and prayer that all of the rest of you will soon “get the picture”. When you do, you will have a big cry like I did, and then you will have to GET TO WORK.

I am going to research Noah’s Ark. Supposedly, there is a place near the North Pole that is rescuing seeds worldwide. They said they had intensive self-defensive measures in place. Gee, I guess I can see why they would need them.

Maybe we need not look any further than Monsanto for the AntiChrist!

For a complete change of subject, I keep wondering when Leonard Peltier will be freed.
I’ve always believed him to be innocent of the charges brought against him even back when I was less skeptical of my government. My goodness, it must be nearly 30 years since he was arrested. I am still puzzled why Clinton pardoned known scoundrels and not Peltier. Maybe it is because he is afraid of the people who protect him. Past Presidents and their families are accorded continued protection by the Secret Service. Did you know that? At any rate, I continue to watch because in some strange way, I believe Peltier is an important element in what is to come. If it was up to me, I’d free him. What is our government so afraid of regarding a man such as Peltier? Maybe they are afraid the truth will come out. I remember how corrupt the BIA and some of the leaders of that reservation were in the early 1970’s. It figures our government was in cahoots with these nasty leaders. Still baffles me why some Native Americans would even involve themselves with the US government to sell out “their own”. I suppose like everything else, it comes down to money. Anyway, it is about time they freed Peltier. If you are curious about what I am talking about, go to Hidden Mysteries-- The Peltier Trial This has some very interesting facts. I don’t believe they teach this stuff in schools,but people need to be aware of this history.

* * *

My good friend, Sandi (Blackkat) sent me this quote that I believe is by Chief Red Cloud:

We did not weave the web of life. We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

I would like to add that whatever we do to the Earth, we do to our Universe and its creator, as well as to ourselves and those who come after us. We must always be mindful that those who destroy this creation and the good will of life shall be held accountable. What goes around comes around…Cause and Effect. These are immutable laws. Be mindful of them at all times. Stay positive.

So, to task, then.

Here’s a quick prayer to say to help the wolves (actually, it will help anyone/anything). Due to the extreme gravity of the current situation, it would be wise to repeat this prayer whenever you can.

Archangel Michael, give wolves a pillar of light to protect them from all harm! You can use it it for the Polar bears and anything else you wish to protect.

Hey, have you heard the great news? Polar Bears have been put on the Endangered Species List!

Here are a couple of other fun Moon sites to peruse:
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures

U.S. Naval Observatory Current Moon Disk

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The Chinese New Year for this year 2020 is January 25, 2020. This is the year of the Rat.

What is up with the rainfall?

Check out Scott Stevens’ Weather Wars.

He has amazing information and pictures of chemtrails that everyone should read and see. I believe that Katrina was a “hit” a lot like the anthrax scare was to “re-direct” peoples’ attention away from 911 and its aftermath, only this was to redirect it away from the Iraqi War and the dying. Katrina was not a “natural” hurricane. Also check out his pictures of some really funky cloud formations and chemtrails, and read about longitudinal wave weaponry on his webpage at Weather Wars

Personally, I believe that the recent snow blizzard in the Midwest and surrounding states affecting 100 million+ people was fomented by man, as well as the recent outbreaks of violence in Egypt. Makes me wonder what the "smoke and mirrors" is hiding? All my friends know that I absolutely LOVE snow, but it has made me wonder.

It is urgent that you visit I love Mountains because over 500 mountaintops have been removed so far and they don’t seem to be stopping the massacre!

I am trying to keep a positive attitude. Perhaps we should all say that the wolves, polar bears, earth, etc. is just fine—couldn’t be better, as in the Law of Attraction. Okay, but we cannot keep our heads in the proverbial sand. We must create a better place and situation for them!

I just read where scientists discount Stevens' claims as ludicrous and say they run contrary to the ‘second law’ of thermodynamics, “that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.”


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