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This webpage is dedicated to the helpless critters of the world. It is mainly concerned with the welfare of animals with hyperlinks to places that deal with these causes. I am just the messenger. It was important for me to get the message out so I devoted this page to these helpless creatures. Some very disgusting and horrific things are going on in this world relating to the treatment of animals. It is important for humans to be aware. Perhaps a few of us can make a difference…as renowned anthropologist, Margaret Mead said, “It is the only thing that ever has.” (See Rants and Raves Pages).

~~~March 2006~~~
Just in case you missed my message on my “Things You Should Know” page, I will reprint it for you here. It is about an HBO special called, “Dealing Dogs”. This is important information and I believe it belongs on this page as well. Thanks, Raven.

I just saw the end of an HBO special called Dealing Dogs Most Americans are probably unaware that such things are taking place. THEY NEED TO KNOW!!! Please visit this site and LEARN about things you should be aware of for the betterment of mankind and animalkind alike. Who the hell are these people that would do such horrible heinous things to animals, namely dogs?
I am beginning to think that the United States of America has been overrun by the POD PEOPLE!!! Of course, you would probably need to be a baby-boomer to know who the pod people are. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then go to google.com and plug it in. While you are there, look up ---Martin Creek Kennel. Become educated about what is happening to these poor creatures and about those who do such despicable things.

Then, please go to my Wolves page and perform the spell near the bottom of the page. Magickal beings and “muggles” can both perform this spell. I am happy to report (but you should discover this in your own research) that justice was served against the owners of Martin Creek Kennel. Of course, it was just a “drop in the perverbial bucket,” but it was a good start. Blessings to the producers, Sarah Teale and Tom Simon and all the others who took risks and worked to bring those monsters to justice.

Please visit:
Special Investigations Unit LCA
regarding update on Baird case, and

LCA –The FBI of Animal Rights--Class B-Dealer C.C. Baird Out of Business PERMANENTLY!!!

Their main webpage is located at:
LCA –The FBI of Animal Rights

It is heart wrenching, but necessary to see. And, so rewarding when you see that they are bringing the monsters to justice!
Thanks, Raven. Oh, and watch out for the “pod people”!!!


~~~September 8, 2005~~~ My heart and more goes out to those poor souls in the Katrina ravaged areas of our country. May all that is good in the world help you and may the evil stay away.
A lot of organizations are helping with monies and other things.

The Witches’ Voice is offering a wonderful help. You will want to check out their website.

I am also enclosing the hyperlinks for a few animal sites that are aiding with monies and on sight services.

The Catered Canine is donating 100% of its profits. Thanks, Ginny. This site also caters to cats and other animals as well as dogs.

Noah’s Wish rescues and shelters animals in diasaters!

Petfinder -- for a quick pet search, adopting pets, and other.

Petfinders Alert -- A nationwide search and alert service to help find your pets.
Thanks and Blessings, Raven.

I won’t mention the name of these people’s nationality here because that might be considered ethnocentric. It is strange, isn’t it? In order for me not to be abusive, I can’t mention their nationality, but some of them partake of the most vile and heinous of abuses. (Sometimes the world is just topsy-turvy.) I can, however, show you to other places where you will see for yourselves. If these people don’t like others screaming about it, then they should just stop doing it. As an anthropologist, I have tried to factor in ‘intrinsic cultural usage’ and not be judgmental, but it just doesn’t compute. When the Universe is screaming injustice, people need to speak up and say, “That is just plain wrong.” Sometimes the truth hurts. . .Here’s my first hyperlink KAPS Campaigns. It protests the illegal dog and cat meat trade in their country. Here’s my second Google.com search engine. Here’s my third Save The Dog This one is pretty gross, so don’t let young children visit it without adult supervision. If enough adults see it, however, they would probably rise up en masse worldwide to put a stop to this practice. People need to know. I think it is interesting that Bridget Bardot’s life was threatened by these people who practice this inhumane cruelty. What’s wrong with that picture? This is just the beginning, folks. I will be researching more sites and putting them on this page. I think it is only fair to tell you that I have been a vegetarian for seventeen years. I don’t say this to exalt myself. That’s silly. I simply don’t like meat, however, I do not tolerate people playing the ‘starvation card’ with me when they use that as a reason for eating dog or cat. As a vegetarian, I KNOW it is not necessary to do so. In fact, in the television program that prompted me to add this page to my website, the man who was breeding and selling dogs for meat said, “People eat dog for sexual prowess.” Hey, those were not my words, they were his. I’m just reporting it. Personally, I hope their ‘willies’ fall off if that’s their motive! And so this story continues… My purpose here is to simply make people aware. Whatever you do with it is your business.

And now let's give a big applause for someone who cares about animals. . . Please visit this wonderful website The Catered Canine-- Where Dogs’ Dreams Come True. It is a great place to obtain all the things your dogs and puppies ever dreamed of enjoying on planet Earth.

A friend sent me this link What the Raven Said by Jim Nollman from the Interspecies Newsletter. A heartwarming piece, it is the story of a man communicating with a raven. A ‘site map’ hyperlink interrupts the story. Be sure to keep reading past this to read the entire article. You will be very glad you did. It is a lesson in species-specific behavior and interaction with others species. Be wise and learn from it.

Blessings, Raven

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