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Hall of Nobles

This is a chapter for the noble people who have, over the course of my lifetime, or just recently, championed me. This is a page to honor them for their good, kind, and honorable deeds.
Just sit back on your throne. Have your jester pour you a nice tankard of mead, and enjoy the music and the tales.

Of course, this is my kingdom which is populated with those I elect to be nobles.
I am the Queen/Sorceress of this Kingdom. My husband, Paul is the King. Our children are Prince Joe, and Princess Ginny and her consort, Sir Beau, a most noble and talented bard. Eversince Sir Beau has entered our family, he has validated me—a treasure worth more than gold! Prince Joe, a Wise Wizard, is the epitome of the word, ‘noble’ and Princess Ginny is our beautiful, darling daughter who ‘champions’ us in all ways and deeds. We are truly blessed, and have been blessed again with the arrivals of Prince Shea and Princess Ella.

Both of our children are kind to the animal kingdom, and Princess Ginny even has a website The Catered Canine-- Where Dogs Dreams Come True that caters to their needs. Her website is just what you have been looking for to better serve your lovely pets’ needs and playtime.

Across the ocean reside Queen Sandi and Queen Maddie. These noble and ‘Wise Women’ rule their respective realms with a kindly hand. They are also my great friends. You can visit Queen Sandi’s website at Black Kat Herbals she is also a gifted healer. If you have been searching high and low over marsh and moor, river and dale, and hill and holler for the perfect herbals, search no more. Give yourself and your stately stead a rest. Visit her website for your herbal and ritual needs.

Since we moved to Krakow, Poland, kind and noble people have entered our lives. So, by the Power of Three, I dub thee kind and noble Katrina Black and Nick Murray-- Lady and Lord of Larne.
Artur, a kind and most noble knight from Krakow is sorely missed. Artur is the kind of knight whence legends are made and tales of old are told. He made our stay in Poland memorable and fun. A toast and salute to you dear friend. You are sorely missed!

Dynamic, Margareta is a Warrior Woman of the Realm.
I will elaborate at a later time the noble deeds of these, our friends and champions.

Lady Sabrina and Sir Jim are also noble friends who reside across the ocean. Lady Sabrina has a website that you must not miss for if you do, it will be your sad loss. So be sure to visit The Ink Witch. Some of her awesome, incredible (Words do not do it justice.), and inspiring works of art can be viewed on the Instructional (skullelection2000) and Main pages of my website. Visit them, you will be very happy that you did.

Sadly, when our sojourn to South Africa ended, I had to leave the company of Baroness Colleen Wharton. Her consort is, Sir Richard, a most genteel man. Baroness Wharton is a truly benevolent, kind and wise woman of such grace and generosity it touches the heart. She is also a kind keeper of animals. Baroness Wharton cares for and breeds Lipizzaners. The horses are lucky to have her as their friend, as am I.

Lady Sue is keeping watch over our castle and kin while we are away. Her castle is Hawk’s Wood in the Barony of Getz, the kingdom of Mortonia. She is a dear friend, who stays up late at night to listen to my laments and joys and sends me hysterically funny things. Bless you, Lady Sue!

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