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Welcome to my dungeon tales. Pour yourself a glass of blood-colored wine then get all comfy on your favorite throne as I regale you with true tales of terror.

HSN aka HOME SHOPPING NETWORK. Please go here HSN Rants to see my rants regarding the Home Shopping Network.


Went to a town meeting last night (sometime in August 2003). Why? Because Wal-Mart wants to build a HUGE megaplex store near a residential area in my hometown. It was interesting to watch government “of, by and for the people” in action—NOT!!! Wal-Mart hasn’t factored a POWERFUL and PISSED OFF WITCH into the equation. I will (with the help of my “otherworldly” helpers) bring that company to its knees. It begins now. So, no matter what the end result is, it will suffer and suffer and suffer. It had better not move to Morton, IL. No one wants them here, anyway. Therefore, they must go or suffer. So Be It!!!

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** For an update on Wal-Mart see my October 2003 Rants and Raves page. Wal-Mart is in trouble with the feds.

There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors… --Jim Morrison

No go here Women and Wal-Mart by Ellen Rosen to see just one of the reasons why I can’t stand that store. Actually, my reasons are legion. All I am saying here is that if they go ahead and build their store where they plan to build it, I will curse them over and over and over again—them and the people who sold them the land. They have absolutely NO idea what I can do to them. If they did, they would no doubt move that blasted store somewhere else. Oh, and if you have any stock in that company, I suggest you sell it soon. Meanwhile, go to Google.com and see what YOU can discover about that company. Isn’t this interesting that---In the last six years, judges have slapped the company with at least 75 sanctions for destroying, altering, and hiding evidence, according to documents filed in numerous suits against Wal-Mart across the country. It has racked up millions in court fines for destroying photos of accident scenes, denying it performed safety studies, and concealing company records.” “At first blush, 75 violations amid thousands of cases seems an irrelevant percentage -- except that the number appears to represent more sanctions than those of all other Fortune 500 companies combined.''? Here’s the link from which this bit of information was gleaned. mike-warren.com
NOTE: This article was obviously deleted or archived. You may need to check the Google cache. Also, as of Jan 1, 2006, I am giving Wal-Mart another chance. They seem to come through for the victims of Katrina, et al. I'll be 'watching' them. I am going to see if they are in anyway, shape, or form connected to The Caryle Group.
Blessed Be!

May your life be protected and championed by those who love you.
Blessings, Raven


[Regarding the story that was archived about my Mother’s and my precious things being sold, or destroyed by people I thought I could trust, i.e., my father and my step-mother…] I received the following comments: I'm sad to hear about the hurtful actions from those you should be able to trust. There are certain things that cannot be replaced & the loss of your memories is a great loss. One thing no-one can take away from you is your wonderful spirit & great heart, & the love you engender in the people you meet. --- from my lovely friend, Colleen in South Africa. Thanks, Colleen.

I have provided a forum for guests to share their heart-wrenching experiences and abuse at the hands of their step parents. These are very interesting tales. Please visit their stories which are hyperlinked from my Guest Abuse Tales. Thanks to all who have shared their stories.

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