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Actually, I have another website by the name of DragonsGate Keep Realm of Mystery. However, I am not able to access it due to some new host rules, so I am moving my dragon page here temporarily until I find it a new home.

If you would like to see a lot of really neat dragon pictures, I recommend you visit Lady Archer’s site at Lady Archer’s Fantasy Gallery 1 – The Dragon Tables. Be sure to bookmark my site or use the ‘Back’ button on your browser so that you can return to my website.

I received a lovely gift from a friend and exceptional artist, Jessica Pretorius. Her mother, Kirby, is my very talented seamstress. Jessica lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and is a senior in high school, I think. What I do know, is that she is an incredible artist who is talented in an awesome array of mediums. She was too modest to tell me this, but I just found out she has been on exhibition at the Read Gallery in Rosebank. My friend, Joy, who told me this, raved about her artwork. Jessica made me this lovely little dragon named, Noo Noo Dragon. Here is a picture of Noo Noo Dragon lying in a half acorn shell on his nest.

I am sure you will agree that Noo Noo is an adorable baby dragon. Thank you, Jessica for your wonderful gift and thoughtfulness—yet another “shining deed...”


Actually, I will probably end up having several words about dragons, but this is just the beginning. You will find that I will have many quotes on my website by Barbara G. Walker because I like what she says, and I, personally, consider her a very wise woman. I will, of course, provide the tome from whence I quote it and the page number so that you can reference it yourself. From the inception of my website, I designed it to be informative and helpful. This is still my objective. I truly hope that those of you who visit will deem this information interesting enough to pursue more books (tomes) regarding these topics. That said, let’s talk about dragons and dragon-related topics.

In Barbara G. Walker’s, The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects, she discusses dragon’s eye, head, and tail. Did you know that the two ways of hanging the horseshoe actually echoed the magic signs called Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail, the ascending node and descending node, connected with the path of the moon above and below the ecliptic, which when plotted would result in the wavy line representing the lunar serpent?p.9

The Dragon’s Eye used to be a favorite shape for cutting magical stones, especially transparent or translucent crystals that might resemble the popular mind’s imagining of a dragon’s eye. p. 35

Certain minerals naturally form crystals in the shape of a tetrahedron. Steady gazing at the center of one can give the illusion of three dimensions. Whenever such crystals were found, they were usually regarded as foci for magic[k] powers.

The Dragon’s Eye also forms a triple triangle, sacred to the ancient Goddess in some of her ninefold forms, such as the nine Muses or the nine Morgans.p. 35 The Dragon’s Eye and certain of its variations appeared in medieval books of magic to invoke the protection of female spirits.p. 35 If you don’t know what a tetrahedron looks like, picture looking down at a pyramid from above.

In alchemy, the wingless[or Babylonian-type]dragon represented earth or “fixed” elements; the winged dragon represented volatile ones.

Chinese Taoist symbolism revered the dragon as a spirit of “the Way,” bringing eternal changes. It was shown coiling among clouds, revealing only parts of itself. Often the dragon was the guardian of the Flaming Pearl (spiritual perfection). White dragons represented the moon.

The European dragon was often synonymous with the Ouroboros or Earth Serpent
[Picture a snake eating it’s tail.] In Brittany he was “the dragon of the Bretons.” Each May Day, it was said, he uttered a terrible scream that could be heard underneath every hearth fire, demanding burial of a tub of mead as an offering to him.

The official emblem of Wales is still the red dragon, derived from the Great Red Serpent that once represented the old Welsh god Dewi, who later metamorphosed into Wale’s mythical patron saint David. The Christian myth of this fictional saint was composed in
[1090 c.e.], five centuries after his alleged lifetime. [In] his earlier incarnation, the red dragon, was placed on the royal arms of England by Henry VII, who was of Welsh descent. This dragon, which served as a dexter, [Heraldry on the right-hand side of a shield—therefore, auspicious.] supporter, was later removed by James I.

Christians usually equated the subterranean dragon with the devil. In fact the devil’s nickname “Old Harry: was taken from the Persian dragon-god Ahriman (Arimanius), the dark twin brother of the supreme god of light. Like angelic Lucifer, Ahriman had fought his brother god and had been sent down to the underworld to rule over the demons. Thus dragons became traditional guardians of buried treasure.

Chinese sages assigned the East to the Blue Dragon. We will discuss this more thoroughly when we discuss the Earth Square.

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