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The above picture is an excellent example of a dolmen. It is also a very appropriate representation of the rune, Uruz, which means strength. Generally, most dolmens were associated with burials. However, some have been found without evidence of burials. It may be interesting to note that most, but not all, were at one time covered with earth in the shape of circular mounds. The dolmen is called a hunebedden in Holland, a dysser in Denmark, an anta in Portugal, a stazzone in Sardinia and a cromlech in Wales – and by many other names given by the locals worldwide. Dolmens, standing stones, and other megalithic monuments are often, if not always associated with magick. They are portals; that is, gateways to other dimensions in time and space, as well as instruments to facilitate altered states. Energy is ‘altered’ at these sites. No modern psychedelic drugs were necessary or available to the ancients, although psychotropic drugs may have been used. Simply the energy of the earth and the skill of a knowledgeable weaver or practitioner of magick were all that was really needed for magick to be evoked. Obviously then, Druids, Witches and other weavers of magick may also be found at these sites in present time, circa 2010 C.E.

Ley lines, also known as dragon lines are straight lines or trackways passing over and through the landscape. These trackways or ley lines appear to carry earth energy or an electromagnetic force and are marked by standing stones, megaliths, earthworks such as barrows and mounds, holy wells, and other assorted landmarks. A certain John Williams made a lifetime study of stone monuments. He visited, mapped and annotated 3,000 plus sites, and discovered a frequently occurring angle of 23 ½ degrees (or its multiple) in the relationship of these lines and ancient sites. Assuming his research was accurate, there must be some esoteric meaning to that number. This reminds me of the gigantic pentagram drawn across the plateau of Rennes-le-Chateau which is based upon the positionings of the church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Chateau de Blanchefort, and the direction of sunrise on the morning of the feast day of Mary Magdalene, July 22. At its center is the mount of Coume-Sourde. Each point of the pentagram is marked by a building or standing stone. Of course, neither the ley lines connected with the pentagram or the story end here. I’ll save that for another time. I will be discussing ley/dragon lines on the Feng Shui Page because they are pertinent to the discussion of geomancy. By the time you have read all of these pages, you will see how these topics flow together, hopefully, like a brilliant trapeze act. The key word is –


As previously stated, standing stones are often located on ley (lines of force) also called dragon lines. For instance, just as meridians transport Chi in the body, ley or dragon lines form a part of the network of energy meridians or grids that carry Chi on a planetary scale. Druids viewed the whole Earth as the body of a dragon, and just as those who came before them, they knew where the power points were to invoke the “Eye of the Dragon”. Those of you who are students of sacred geometry will understand the megalithic yard, which is 2.72 feet in length. And for those of you who do not know what sacred geometry is, it is an ancient science concerned with the mathematical relationships and harmonies that underlie the whole universe, which is HUGE! It expresses the laws of its functioning from the macrocosm to the microcosm. The utilization of sacred geometry can be seen in the great cathedrals of Medieval Europe as well as the Great Pyramid, King Solomon’s Temple, and Rosslyn Chapel. Note: These teachings are at the heart of Masonic secrets, and if one researches the Knights Templars’ secrets, sacred geometry will certainly be found there. In fact, they may have brought it to Europe from Jerusalem in the 12th Century. The Chartes Cathedral is a very fine example of the application of sacred geometry, and it has a definitive link with the Knights Templar. I highly recommend the articleKnights Templar on The Church of Y Tylwyth Teg website for a more in depth study of the Knights Templar. It is a good read with interesting links on the subject. For any of you who are interested in the Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant stories, you might enjoy visiting the Jeff Rense site and an article entitled, Are The Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant Hidden on Baltic Sea Island? by Peter Starck. And you won’t want to miss a visit to the Charles Tait Photographic site.

Once again, these megaliths seem to manifest, direct and channel this flow of Chi energy as these monuments were built on power points where this force is keenly accessible. Rituals performed and magick evoked at the precise moment (often astrologically) did and will promote a harmonious flow in both the earth and its people. Energy emanates in and around these stones and can be measured on a gaussmeter. A gaussmeter measures static magnetic field strength. Dowsers, also known as water Witches or water diviners, have experienced vibrations at these sites. One such diviner, a Welshman by the name of Bill Lewis, has stated that a stone in South Wales emitted a force that he could sense, and which waxed and waned. I find this to be quite interesting in that it may very well relate directly to the waxing and waning of the moon. As a matter of fact, standing stones, such as Stonehenge, were moon calendars long before they were solar ones. For instance, check out Virtual Calanais (Node 03: Moonstone) for evidence of moon use. Stonehenge was used by a peaceful, goddess worshiping agrarian people that followed the phases of the moon long before being overrun (the weather had a lot to do with this, but that’s another story) by a warrior people who converted it to worship their own brand of solar/warrior gods. It must have been extremely frustrating when these sun warriors could actually feel the pull of the moon upon the stones. In fact, it was probably really irritating and frustrating for them to have this magickal waxing and waning that could not be squelched. Perhaps that is why they had such bloody sacrifices at some of these stones. Remembering that the goddess is immanent, i.e., living, remaining within; inherent within the material as well as existing throughout the universe, and that the sun god is transcendent, i.e., existing apart from the material universe, then perhaps these sun god worshipers were demonstrating a retaliation of this moon magick, or were attempting a “power over” the ‘conquered people’. In pursuing this thought a bit further, the goddess worshiping people no doubt offered grains and non-blood “first fruits” to their goddess whilst the warrior sun-god worshipers offered “blood sacrifices” as their “first fruits”.
What goes around comes around, and it appears to be coming around to the moon worshipers once again.

Getting back to the electromagnetic charge of the stones, I would like to discuss geodes. The NewWorld Dictionary of the American Language describes a geode as a globular stone having a cavity lined with inward growing crystals or layers of silica What it doesn’t tell you is that these ball-like stones are of varying size and are formed within pockets of sedimentary rock that is estimated to be 250 million years old or even older. They move freely within these pockets inside of Mother Earth and their crystalline points grow from the edge towards the center of the ‘ball’. As they turn within their pocket, the crystals always grow towards the true magnetic north. Therefore, when a geode is opened one can get a pretty good grasp of how often it turned inside the pocket. Isn’t it interesting that even deep within Mother Earth, these geodes knew where the true magnetic north existed? For the most part, geodes contain quartz crystal of one form or another and these crystals have a piezoelectric effect. Again, the same dictionary as previously mentioned states the following regarding piezoelectric effect. Physics the property exhibited by certain crystals of generating voltage when subjected to pressure and, conversely, undergoing mechanical stress when subjected to an electric field (e.g. alternately expanding and contracting in response to an alternating electric field).It also states that piezoelectricity results from the piezoelectric effect. Interesting isn’t it, that places such as the Neolithic site of New Grange in Ireland, et al were literally ‘covered’ with quartz crystals? By the way, although standing stones and quartz crystals are globally ubiquitous, geodes are not. Geodes are located in a paucity of places around the globe. This quartz phenomenon is quite interesting because it begs the question, “How did these ancient ones know about the piezoelectric effect, and what was the purpose of putting such large quantities of quartz at these sites?” Considering all of these amazing feats coupled with their keen awareness of the workings of the Universe, it is obvious that these Neolithic megalith builders were acutely aware of something we have lost through time, neglect, and “civilization”.

Perhaps now one can understand why I associate ravens with dolmens, standing stones, and megaliths. Please see my Main Page, as well as this interesting article at about an Orkney farmer who found an ancient underground pagan temple under the Mine Howe mound at Tankerness on Orkney at Tankerness on Orkney.

We had the greatest pleasure visiting Stonehenge on July 11, 2001. With the help of a lovely lady named, Helen, who works for the English Heritage and who supplied us with a ‘private access’ permit, we were able to actually touch the stones and just ‘hang out’ with the stones for an hour. It was a thrilling experience made even more so by the folks who were sharing time with us. English Heritage offers private access to small groups of people at scheduled times. The folks who were sharing time with us are members of the Merlin Society. They provided an ambience of magick and druidism that made our visit even more unique and exciting. I was quite impressed with their leader, Cerri Connelly. TechnoPagans Unlimited. The Merlin Society is a truly fascinating group of lovely ladies and gentlemen. Their pictures from that day can be accessed at Close-Up Details of Stonehenge from the Merlin Project Gathering 11 July 2001 If you click on the "down arrow" and then on "TU Photo Gallery", and then scroll down, there is a picture of me (Jeanne) with Cerri. These photos were made possible by Andy Moxon (all images on p.1; 2-5 on p.4); Mark Cleaver (url-linked images); Cerridwen Connelly (all other images). Be sure to check out all the fabulous photos on this site. You will be glad you did.
Blessings, Raven

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