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Also, please understand that I have used graphics from other sites that were freely offered for a link ‘back’ to their respective WebPages. Do not simply assume these are mine. I would suggest checking my ‘Links’ section, especially ones dealing with graphics to be sure and then do the right (nice) thing -- give ‘em a link. Thanks and Blessings, Raven.

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‘realm of the lost’.


Mom, like myself, was fond of profound and catchy sayings. I have added some of my Mom’s favorite sayings to this website. Apparently, one day she just sat down before one of those old manual-type typewriters and typed them on a sheet of paper one right after the other. I found the paper folded in some of her belongings after she died. My cousin, Lynn, decoupaged them for me onto a board that she also beautifully painted so that I could more easily view and enjoy them. Thanks again, Lynn. I am including them for you, the viewer, for many reasons, but hey, they are just pretty good sayings to know. Mother was a very wise woman. Some are fairly well known. I have taken the liberty of changing a few words such as, ‘Devil’ to ‘Evil’, Lord to Lord/Lady, and ‘God’ to ‘Goddess/God’. Mom wouldn’t have cared. In fact, today she probably would have embraced the idea. These are just sayings that she obviously enjoyed. There is no intent of profit being made by them, except the profit of becoming a bit wiser. Enjoy. . .

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