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Here's a little 'teaser' until I get the rest of this website formed.

Supposedly, the environment of heaven DEMANDS "total purity". If this is so, then how could there have been and/or still be "war in heaven"? This is a nonsequitur of the first order!

Should anyone out there in 'webland' have any ideas regarding this conundrum, please gift me with your opinion. Now, don’t send me a lot of ‘holy writ’. Those prolific verses are ubiquitous. Books and the Internet are rife with them. I want honest to goodness opinions. Thanks.

I highly recommend an article I just read at (see Links Page) called Britons Claim to See Host of Angels by one Jonathan Petre. It is a short and interesting article. Some might even think it strange.

As a personal note, I completely believe in Angels-- their presence and their powers. I talk to my Guardian Angel every single day. I don’t believe a day goes by when I don’t ‘call on them’.

The Grigori,
(also known as The Watchers)

I discovered this site while surfing the Internet. I would very much like to give the author credit for it. It contains some fascinating information about Angels. However, I was unable to locate the source. If you are the person responsible for this lovely site, or know them, please have them contact me. I’d like to give them the credit for it. I corrected some spelling errors and changed the picture in the article, but that’s all. The choice of the masculine pronoun used to refer to the supreme being is the choice of the author and not mine. That said, I will add it to my Angel Page for the time being so others can enjoy it.
UPDATE: I believe I have found the site mentioned above. Here is a link to it. Dawnrazor’s Vault site has all kinds of interesting information regarding Angels and related data. Please check out the website at Dawnrazor’s Vault
An also must see is
The Watchers
I tend to align with the Strega Mythos as mentioned in this website and these are the “Holy Watchers” to which I refer when I say “I am a friend of the Watchers and a foe to evil…”, etc. The Grigori are of a "higher" realm and guard the portals to the gods. These are ones who did not descend.
Among the Strega, the Watchers are called the Grigori. Originally there were 4 royal stars or Lords and these were called the Watchers. Each of these Lords ruled over one of the four cardinal points...North, South, East, West.

Fabrisia states that Common to almost all Pagan/Witch/Wiccan traditions is the concept of the Watchers or the Keepers or the Guardians. They are known by many names in many traditions. In the teaching of various cultures, these entities are called by many names including: Agents, Angels, Conscious Thought Forms, Creative Energies, Devas, Fathers, Fountains, Gates, Governors, Hands of God, Lords, and Shining Ones. To some Strega they are known as the Grigori. Each of these 'Watchers' is responsible for their 'area' of the ritual circle. They are multi-faceted beings. Not only do they 'watch' your workings, they are the guardians of the Air of that specific direction, and they guard their portals between the Worlds. They are the intermediaries between Gods and humans. I personally believe that the Watchers will watch over us if we are initiated or not. I do not think the Watchers are so petty as to see who is initiated and who is not. Some Strega believe this is true. They believe that their actions within the ritual space are going to be viewed and 'judged' in a different way because they have gone through the initiation process and have bonded with the Watchers. I don't think anyone can just say that because they are an initiate, they are closer to some deity than someone that isn't. I believe you bond with the Grigori/Watchers/Keepers over a period of you do with friends.
Fabrisia’s website is an absolute MUST SEE. Please visit it at The Watchers
Please be sure to bookmark my page because you will get so enthralled with her site, you will forget where mine was.

Now here begins Dawnrazor’s Vault’s article…
The eighth order of angels, the gentle Grigori were created by God to be Earthly shepherds of the first humans. The Grigori were both physically and spiritually gigantic, at least by the standards of the people who later wrote about them. They served early humanity as vast reservoirs of information concerning the finer points of civilization, and their selflessness was beyond compare. They were also called the Watchers, as it was their job to observe humanity, lending a helping hand when necessary but not interfering in the course of human development.

As has been implied before, angels -- though filled with God's divine grace -- are eminently corruptible in the corporeal world and, perhaps more importantly, when in the presence of humans. The Grigori, designed as the type of angels farthest from divine, proved to be so much more corruptible that it wasn't long before their enormous zest for life tripped them up, spiritually speaking. They took husbands and wives among the humans and led greatly debauched lives, neglecting their heavenly duties.

Legends tell us that the children the Grigori begot were hideous, misshapen monsters, now known in demonic circles as the Nephalim, and that a group of angels were quickly dispatched to destroy the half-breeds, after which the Grigori were damned to Earth for the remainder of their long lives.

This is mostly true. The Grigori, both for the sin of lust and for neglecting their duties, were banned from Heavenly society, doomed to spend the remainder of their days roaming the Earth. The Seraphim Council believes that even speaking the name of the Grigori disturbs the Symphony -- they refer to them as the Watchers, since that was their original duty. What few angels know, even today, is that besides their more famous gigantic spawn, the malevolent Nephalim, the Grigori did successfully engender half-breed children, part-angel and part-human. Angels are strictly forbidden to associate with the Children of the Grigori or, God forbid, any actual remaining Grigori they might run across in the course of a mission.

The Children of the Grigori

It is impossible to speculate on the number of full-blooded Grigori still alive on the Earth. Current estimates range from 50 to none, with most guesses leaning toward none. The clever reader in welcome to infer from their inclusion here that the extinction of the Grigori is wishful thinking.

Their direct descendants, most of whom have no knowledge of their Heavenly heritage, are uncountable. A few underground groups of crossbreeds exist to take care of one another. Children of the Grigori are most dangerous when passing through their teens and early twenties, when for the first time they find their minds pounding with an alien cacophony as the Symphony chimes out through their celestial genes.

A majority of the Grigori's descendants believe themselves to be remnants of an ancient race -- refugees from the mythical sunken continent of Atlantis, for example. There is an element of truth to that. They are, after all, descendants of kind and gentle beings who came from a faraway land with noble if misguided intentions to nurture civilization and inspire happiness.

Most Grigori half-breeds can exert some tiny degree of control over the Symphony that rings in their heads; many of them have been labeled witches and warlocks. Among humans, such people are universally feared and shunned, usually without provocation. Several of these unwitting sorcerers have altered the course of history more radically than the most dramatic actions on the part of either the Host or the Enemy. This is why a growing number of angels consider the Children of the Grigori to be more of a sacred "ace in the hole" rather than loose heavenly cannons, and are considering the possibility of seeking them out for help in the War.

Regardless of what they are called, they are the Children of the Grigori. In unconscious obedience to their heritage, they're one of the last major human forces fighting the flow of civilization towards the Pit.

The Eighth Choir and Free Will

The plight of the Grigori does add substantial fuel to the debate about free will, particularly as it applies to supernatural beings.

Consider: could it be possible that God knew that the Grigori, so wonderfully corruptible, would end up playing a major role in human affairs and, in fact, provide through their progeny a powerful supporting force for the other Choirs in their weakest hour? Yes, yes, and yes. The angels do not even speculate about it. Did He plan it? Sure. He's [She’s] God.

The thought that God would plan the corruption and persecution of one-eighth of his divine army, just to help support the flagging spirits of a civilization millenia [in the future], is pretty disturbing to some angels. It implies that God probably has plans for all of them, whatever free will they may think they have by virtue of their Celestial Forces (which exist outside the Symphony), and has removed any choice they might have in the matter.

For those of you who would like a real eschatological work out, take a visit to
Wesley Center Online –BOOK OF ENOCH
It does have the word, Nazarene in the University Title which is a bit ‘off-putting to me, but we must keep an open mind if we want to pursue knowledge.
You should also visit
The Watchers-The Mighty Grigori
The Tenth Choir of Angels

from the book: Angels: An Endangered Species
by Malcolm M. Godwin. It is interesting to note that Mr. Godwin calls them the “Tenth” Choir whilst the mysterious writer calls the Watchers the Eighth Choir, which is no doubt a story in itself.

A lot of you are going to love this bit
It is a nice concise bit on the Grigori and has a lot of other intriguing subjects as well. Please be sure to bookmark my page because you may get lost there for awhile.

Be sure to visit again soon.

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