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This site is an informational and educational site about the country of Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is located below the equator, just north of Australia.

The climate is generally hot, humid, and wet all year long. In most places the rainy season is December through March. The dry season is May to October.

Population And People:
Papua New Guinea has a population of about 4.2 million people. Only 5.4% of this is Currently employed. 33% of the total population live in the highlands. Here is a table showing some of the provinces:

Provinces:Population CapitalLand Area
Central and Oro Provinces 410,000 Port Moresby 29,9402km
Milne Bay Province 180,000 Alotau 14,0002km
Morobe Province 430,000 Lae34,5002km
Madang Province 290,000 Madang 28,0002km
The Highlands 1,560,000 none 62,5002km
The Sepik 425,000 none 79,1002km
Gulf and Western Provinces 200,000 none 133,8002km
New Britain Province 316,000 none 40,5002km
New Ireland Province 101,000Kavieng 9,6002km
Manus Province38,000 Lorengau 2,1002km
North Solomons Province 170,000 Buka 9,3002km

Around 70% of the children there get a formal education. About 30% of that later go on to high school. My family is going to teach at at a school there.

About 28% of the people are Catholics,23% Evangelical Lutheran, 13% belong to the United Church, and there are significant numbers of the Evangelical Alliance, Seventh-Day Adventist, Pentecostal and Anglican Churches.

Over 770 languages are spoken in PNG. Pidgin Is one of the main international trade languages. It is very easy to pick up and is a second language to nationals.

Papuans make many things including pottery, weapons, bowls, billums, carvings and masks.

Government and Politics:
Papua New Guinea is an independant country that is governed by a parlimentary democracy within the British Commonwealth. In 1976, 19 provinces were formed, each with a provincial assembly.They hold regular elections.

Industry And Economy:
5% of all exported coffee comes from PNG. Coffee is PNG's main export followed by cocoa and tea. Fishing is also a main source of income for the people of Papua New Guinea.

About 42,000 short term visitors went to PNG in 1995. Some of the major contributors are from Australia,(39%)USA,(110%) Japan,(8%)and the UK(7%).

Some things Papuans like to do are sitting and talking, playing rugby, playing cards, and playing soccer. Community tournaments are held when courts and fields are available. Women enjoy knitting, weaving, and making other handicrafts.

Papua New Guinea money consists of kina and toea. This is equivalent to the US dollars and cents. To view some PNG money, Click here.

Some of PNG'S national holidays include: New Years Day, Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday, Independence Day,Christmas,and Boxing Day. Also, each Province has it's own Holiday.

Points to Ponder:
Here are some points to ponder........Papua New Guinea used to be called the Territory of Papua and New Guinea.People of the same sex sometimes hold hands in public to show their friendship; but this is not acceptable for the opposite sex. Papuans drive on theleft side of the road. There is no fresh cow milk in most of Papua New Guinea.Telephones are only located in metropolitan areas.

Here are some of the major cities:

Central and Oro Provinces Popondetta Port Moresby Kwikila
Milne Bay Province Suau Alotau Mila
Morobe Province Menyamya Lae Wau
Madang Province Saidor Madang Bogia
The Highlands Goroka Mt.Hagen Wabag
The Sepik Wewak Vanimo Aitape
Gulf and Western Provinces Tabubil Balimo Morehead
New Britain Province Rabaul Kokopo Kimbe
New Ireland Province KonosKavieng Samo
Manus ProvinceLessau Lorengau Loi
North Solomons Province Arawa Buka Buin

My family and I are going sometime in July. We will be located in Goroka Eastern Highland Province.

Thanks for visiting Eric's Papua New Guinea Website!

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