Geighbours: A Lesbian Soap Opera

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Welcome to Geighbours, the continuing story of 181 Carlisle Street, a gay occupied apartment building where everybody is everyone else's ex.

If you are new to the page, welcome, enjoy and click here for the previous episodes and a brief synopsis of the story so far. Please feel free to email me or sign in the guestbook any comments or suggestions.

Here is the latest instalment for all you regulars and thanks for your support. Without your encouragement I would have given up on this saga long ago. I have the attention span of a goldfish.

Episode 60: Jealousy and Jaws

Thanks for the overwhelming response so far. I just about have an orgasm everytime I see that hit count getting steadily higher!

So keep coming back and checking and get that hit counter ticking over! Shivers! Oops! There I go again!

cheers, oz

April 15, 2001

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to people alive or dead or dysfunctional is completely coincidental. Although the characters are purely the authors imagination, there are those of us mis-fortunate enough to know people like these.

Geighbours is the property of the author and shall be in no way copied unless for the amusement of others in its original form and the author is suitably referenced. Use by non profit GLBT organisations is encouraged with the authors permission.

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