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Photograph of Gaea (Earth) taken from space

We all reside on this living sphere that some call Earth and others, like myself, call Gaea. Gaea is composed of many living things; plants, animals and creatures of the sea, as well as minerals that make up her core. Each separate group, whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral, co-exists with the others on Gaea for a purpose; to create perfect harmony. All these different groups are interconnected and damage to one can lead to the destruction of all. The Goddess created this interdependence for a reason. Mankind needs the forests, the animals and the seas in order to survive. Once people come to realize this, then the natural and positive thing for them to do is promote honor and respect for them, by establishing ways to ensure their survival. Our own survival depends on it.

Animals are an integral part of Gaea. In honoring all the Goddess' creatures we honor ourselves and, more importantly, we honor the Goddess who created it all. We can look at this from a simple point of view. Many of us have pets. We care for them, give them shelter, medical attention, and love. It's a common, everyday event, and we don't think twice about doing it. Unfortunately, there are millions of wild, feral animals, as well as domestic animals displaced due to overpopulation or other circumstances, that need our help as well.

We need to honor Gaea. The Earth is being polluted every second. We litter her forests, are careless with our campsite fires, and destroy everything natural that stands in the way of what some call "civilization," thereby destroying the natural habitats of many plants and animals. Wildlife is at a point where many animals are on the brink of extinction, if they are not already extinct, due to man hunting for pleasure, polluting and destroying the environment, or by natural disasters. It is hard to believe that people can look away from this so easily and without conscience; never once looking at the larger picture, and selfishly living only for themselves and for today. They refuse to believe that their actions will, in reality, come back to haunt them. Many people can not or will not understand that existance itself is a cycle, and that everything we destroy now will eventually come back to destroy us. Such is the nature of Gaea.

We dump toxic chemicals into the earth and the oceans, destroying the coral reefs and the once abundant residents of their delicate ecosystems. We are destroying the rainforests, setting a pattern for global warming, never once thinking about the consequences our children and generations to come will have to face.

All animals are living creatures and we need to act on their behalf. Positive action must take place, and time is running out. We must act now in order to preserve our world as we know it, and come to the realization that we are all in this together; and that everything we do will affect us. We are part of something greater than ourselves, and united, we can take that first step to change the way we treat this earth. Mankind must work in unity to save this planet. One instrument playing alone is a solo, but many instruments playing together become a symphony, shaking the world with the strength and beauty of its sound. The song it plays is called Gaea.

If we don't work together to save this world, and if we don't work to honor and respect all aspects of Gaea, then we will find that we are only destroying ourselves. We all have a role to play; a role that links everyone together, like building a machine that runs properly. If we don't respect the integrity of that machine, it will fail and run no more. Joining hands together to save our earth and every living thing on it is, perhaps, the most important thing that anyone can do. One man alone can build a wall, but many men together can build a city. It can be done. It must to be done. I pray to the Goddess that it will be done.

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Photograph of Earth,
is in the Public Domain