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Earthkeeper by Montserrat


She comes out of nowhere, or so it seems. Her presence envelopes you, bringing with it a feeling of serenity that you have never felt before, and so many things that have always appeared dark and cloudy, suddenly become crystal clear.

She is said to be everywhere, and yet nowhere, as she joins with you and becomes a part of you that you know will never leave. For the first time you know which direction you must take, and understand that your life now has true meaning.

They say that once she calls your name you are hers forever. There is no reason to look back, for all of life's miracles are ahead of you now, and you become filled with humility, passion and strength. I know how that feels, because this story just happens to be my story, and it is about the path that I now follow. It actually began about ten years ago, when the Goddess called my name.

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"Earth Keeper"
Painting by Montserrat
Used with Permission

All Rights Reserved