Lady Shae's Women Webmasters Award of Excellence 2000

This was my first award, and I am very proud of it since I was still quite new at writing HTML when I received it. Thank you Lady Shae.

It was an honor receiving this award for Feminine Magick and thank Celtic Soul for awarding it to me.

Margaret's Poetry Site Award

Thank you Margaret. I am truly glad that you enjoyed my poetry.

Crystalmoon's Award of Beauty

Thank you Crystalmoon for this Award of Beauty. I know you have been evolving through several web incarnations since you gave me this award, and I look forward in anticipation to your newest site when it premieres.

Line, Thank you for this wonderful award that you created especially for me, and the ones your cats awarded my kitties. I am so glad too, that these awards began what I hope will be a long friendship.

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