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Betty Winslow, Freelance Writer and Poet

I learned to read at the age of four and have been writing since the first time I read something and said to myself, "I could do better than that!" (It turned out to be harder than I thought...) In 1978, I took a magazine article writing course from Writer's Digest School and sold my first assigned article "over the transom" on its first trip out, to a magazine I'd never laid eyes on before. On that day, I became a professional writer and I've been writing and selling ever since. I love my job!

I've learned a lot about research through my secondary job as a K-8 school librarian and it has become one of my strengths. Because of that, I've been able to write about many topics, from laundromat advertising to Internet use and trouble-shooting, and I've become willing to take a shot at almost anything.

However, I do have a few specialties. They include travel articles and restaurant reviews, book reviews (especially children's books and books about the writing process), personality interviews, how-to articles, and articles about surviving the death of a child and other bereavement issues, parenting, homemaking, and educational topics (geared to either parents or teachers.)

Links to my writing credits can be found below. I most often write for secular publications, but everything I write comes from a personal worldview and life style that are strongly Christian and I will not write for a publication that compromises that. I work hard, keep my word, and am pretty easy to work with. I expect the people I work with to treat me in the same manner.

I enjoy hearing from readers and editors and can be reached by clicking on the link below.

I'd love to hear from youget this gear!

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