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SKGDESIGNS Hand crafted Bead work

Bead work.The creation of wearable art.

All through the ages,Men and Women,have adorned themselves with beads. Attaching spiritual meanings to semi precious stones. Wearing jewelry promotes well being,showing the status of the person. Each person striving to find,just that perfect piece,that reflects their Unique personality.Allowing them to stand out in the crowd.

I work with seed beads,semi precious beads and cabochon's,freshwater pearls,crystal,glass beads,dichroic glass.All combined to make Original wearable art.The wonderful thing about free form peyote,is that no two pieces will ever be the same. A freeform peyote necklace,may take anything from 30-60 hours depending on the complexity ,and size of the piece.

I hope you enjoy my design's. Each piece is lovingly pieced together,bead by bead. Creating a unique piece of jewelery.

Click on a thumbnail in the left column to view a large image. All beadwork pieces are for sale,The first piece is a beaded ceramic face.Now sold Creator of ceramic face's. The Face, is Diane Briegleb, Hand beaded by myself. I also teach how to bead the face,beaded collars,cuffs.

The tiger eye freeform piece has now been sold. I can on commision make something similar.

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For any information about the beadwork,prices etc, Please click on the mail box and send me an email,

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