Marriage Culture

5. Outline


Parents should take an active role because

.....the girl feels safer

.....the responsible young man is affirmed

.....bad suitors are discouraged

.....the parents in many cultures do this



Parents should take an active role by

.....finding possible mates

.....networking with other families

.....encouraging their daughter or son to communicate their desires to them

.....rewarding responsible courtship behaviour by holding out financial rewards for marriage


The male suitor should be older because

.....he will have an economic base to support his wife

.....he will be ready for marriage

.....he will have a history that can be checked

.....the marriage will better endure the male "mid-life crisis"


Parents should encourage their daughters to marry before they go to college because

.....The money that the parents would have spent on college can be spent in helping the young family

.....coed campuses are hotbeds of immorality

.....women are not finding suitible mates at college birth is easier for young women

.....she will have more energy for toddlers when she is young getting childrearing done sooner, there will be less conflict between young children's needs and a growing career

.....the husband can save money from his job for her education

.....she can study at home as degrees are beginning to be offered on the internet

.....some of higher education is just a pyramid scheme anyway the time her children are needing less attention she will have thought in very practical terms about what she would like to do

.....she can pursue a career later without guilt over neglecting young children

.....she can develop a home business with her husband's capital in her early thirties and even possibly have her children help with it


Parents should help the next generation financially by

.....helping to buy real estate for the new family in areas where the cost of living is cheaper

.....seeing to it that their sons are trained in practical skills helpful for settling less populated areas


Parents should help their children generously, keeping records of their help, with an understanding that

.....the children will have a moral obligation to pay back the loan in the parent's old age

.....modest population growth, if channeled into new areas, should result in prosperity, so the children should be able to pay them back


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