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I wanted to write and say I'm letting you go.
We're not good for each other anymore.
You are learning a lesson, I believe you will soon regret

And me...
I'm sitting back in my halls,
Reading sometimes, occasionally talking to the patrons there
As they offer a friendly face.

Me and you,
We aren't good for each other anymore.
Not that we won't be someday.
But now, I'm lost in my own darkness again, waiting, learning,

Your eyes have changed as have mine
Not for the better I believe, or maybe not for the worst either.
I want to learn my lesson this time...

So when we pass in the halls,
Remember, I know why you look at me like that.
I know you like my favorite book,
I have nothing against you,
It's simply that now is not our time,
And perhaps later will not be either.