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"i'll wait for you, he said as I turned my back on him
and snickered at his words,
fiery embers die of us curling and dying at his feet.
I exiled him from my life.
One year sentence.

with a simple wave of my hand, the blade tears at the peach's tender flesh.
angry and bleeding, the bad spot falls away.
i bite into the virgin softness
and it's nectar sweetens my chin for Solitude's skilled lips.

candle flames flicker, demise imminent
as Solitude smiles a mischievous, delicious grin.
i cheated on him, Betrayed our most intimate trusts.
fooled myself so completely and lied to my oldest lover.
i slaughtered our passion and spilled it's blood,
innocence running like water from it's slit throat.
And when I thought I had killed passion, I poked at it w/ a stick
just to make it all the more real.
darkness drapes over me like cool sheets
and my lips find warm, soft Solitude to curl into.
Solitude and I make love to the movement of the world and the music of silence
each trading pieces of succulent fruit with our tongues.
we tease for endless hours
play games of submission and domination

i howled so evilly into the night
so determined to break his glassy heart
and lose myself in another
but as dawn makes the world gray,
Solitude draws me into his warm arms.
"I told you I'd wait for you," he says.