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I wanted you.
Somewhere in the darkness, I wanted you.

An embrace that became
Something less innocent
Slow and cool,

In a brief moment,
For you to see in my eyes, what I saw in yours
Your happiness
Your joy
Your love
Your passion
Your pain

Somewhere we knew each other
And now I don't know how to get that back.

I wanted to trace the intricatenesses of you
To hold you.
I wanted to feel the heat when you touched me
And the cool of your breath.

I wanted you.
Somewhere in my darkness, I wanted you.

In all the warmth of us,
I wanted to watch you sleep,
Wonder what you dreamt,
Know that you were there because your soul wanted mine.

I wanted to let someone in,
And I wanted it to be you.
I wanted to show you that I stood alone on two feet,
But for you to know that I wanted your arms to support me sometimes,

I knew the same in you.
That you stood on two feet,
The same Solid,
But I never knew if you wanted someone's shoulder,
If you wanted someone's embrace.

I could face the world
I just didn't want to face it alone.
I wanted to face it with you,
For us to fear, and discover,
hope, and cry
And simply be, in those silences as the sun set, to be.
Just two people existing in the world together.

I wanted you.
Somewhere in the darkness, I wanted you.
And I still do.